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Sample Statement of Purpose for the PHD in Systems Engineering, Brazilian Applicant

A dual citizen of Canada and my native Brazil, I have long enjoyed living and studying in the USA as well, for long periods of time. Earning my MBA at XXXX University (2014-2016) has helped me to more fully appreciate the strength and relevance of my favorite proverb, suggesting that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. Earning the MBA gave me the opportunity to continue to build on the Executive Certificate that I earned in Technology Innovation and Product Strategy in Brazil (e-Commerce) in 2014. Now, I hope to be selected to attend your distinguished PHD Program in Systems Engineering at XXXX University.

I have been richly blessed with enormous opportunity to put my undergraduate studies in the USA in Computer Science (1993-1997) to good use; especially with respect to E-Commerce in Sao Paulo, expanding my horizons personally as well as professionally.  I am fully confident that your PHD in Systems Engineering Program at CXX will serve me as the optimal springboard for the launch of a new phase in my career, helping my global fellowman to prosper, how to fish, metaphorically speaking. I calculate that I will be able to continue my full-time work load and family responsibilities and still study approximately half time, 20-25 hours per week. Thus, I especially appreciate the flexibility in this regard of your mostly online program at CXX.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I first came to the United States when I was 19 years old (1991) to serve as full-time missionary for the Mormon Church in the Seattle area.  After my two-year service, I went on to attend Brigham Young University in Provo Utah and stayed until my graduation in 1997, returning to Brazil to begin my career in the computer technology/e-commerce industry. Ten years later, I immigrated to Canada with my wife and 3 children, in 2007.  We currently live in XXXX, British Columbia, in the Pacific North West, 30 minutes south of Vancouver.

10 years from now, I would like to be teaching at a college level, a practical, hands-on educator with a real-world focus. I do enjoy juggling theory and practice, however, especially when I build a robot, balancing the “chalk board” and “the lab” with a good deal of “trial and error.” My ideal job a few years down the road would be as an educator, teaching interdisciplinary technology courses, machine learning, robotics, and real-world applications.

For me, a “system” is a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole; and systems engineering is the approach and means to enable the realization and successful integration of such systems. I now realize that I’ve been applying a systems-engineering approach to my work all along, just not fully aware of doing so. Being able to holistically envision how the different parts interact with each other and the processes needed to make them work together seamlessly is an ability that now, after many decades, thankfully, comes natural to me. Learning how to disassemble things since early childhood allowed me to combine the big with the small picture from early on and I feel strongly that I am now ready to give my finest contribution in systems planning, implementation, and operations.  

I hope to bring my most valuable gifts to CXX, an inquisitive mind and a great urge to learn and contribute to research, dedication to work hard coupled to a firm determination to succeed. It is my sincere hope that my many years of experience both at the strategic and tactical levels in several different industries will provide me with valuable things to share in discussions with my colleagues.

Community service has always been central to my heart and in many ways, I am still the missionary believer that I was during my two years (92-93) of full-time missionary activity with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I could not have been happier as an LDS missionary because of my profound joy of serving the community and feeling close to them. I continue to be very active in my community in Canada and this is another reason why I hope to be able to study part rather than full time at CXX.

 I currently serve as a volunteer youth leader at Scouts Canada, part of the Venture scouting program. I am responsible for organizing career-planning and skills development activities, etc. I also volunteer at a local “DIY (do-it-yourself) Maker’s Club” here in Surrey, BC.  I teach young people how to program electronics and create small robotics projects. I've been heavily involved with Arduino and Raspberry Pi hobbyists in my area, building and playing with all sorts of robot projects. Aside from being fun and challenging, this hobby allows me to maintain my critical thinking skills and develop further patience and resilience. Since last year I been taking flying lessons. Learning to fly a Cessna 152 has been a lot of fun and helped enhance my ability to interpret and react correctly in response to circumstances. I hope in the long run that flying will also contribute, perhaps in subtle ways, to making me a better technology professor in my old age. I thank you for considering my application to Systems Engineering at CXX.

Undergraduate & Graduate Engineering Programs, BS, BSc, MS, MSc, PHD. 

I see Engineering Advancement as Key to the Survival of our Planet. By helping you to draft a highly eloquent and effective statement so that you are accepted to graduate school, I will have the opportunity to feed my passion for Engineering still further; often, I do extensive research on the client’s behalf, to the point that it is called for in each case. I especially look forward to contributing my editorial expertise to those of you who have long term career plans in the areas of solar energy, energy from fusion, carbon sequestration methods, management of nitrogen cycles, providing access to clean water, urban infrastructure, health informatics and medication engineering, securing cyberspace and preventing nuclear terror, and advanced personal learning through the engineering of scientific discovery itself.

Sample 1st Paragraph Masters Civil and Structural Engineering

I have been interested in problem solving and drawing from a very young age, especially everything having to do with mathematics. Civil engineering, structural in particular, is where my heart is. Now that I have completed my bachelor’s degree, I look forward to the challenge of graduate school with keen anticipation; I am highly motivated to pursue the skills upon which I will continue to build for a lifetime as a structural engineer.

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I like it so much. Thanks for your time and help in writing this SOP. It is really awesome, I love it, thanks
so much. I will recommend you to my friends who are applying for graduate studies. Thanks again. I hope in future to meet you personally.

HS (Applicant for Doctorate in Industrial and Systems Engineering, March 2011)

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Engineering Ethics

Since I hold a PHD in Social Ethics, I am especially sensitive to the importance of the engineer ensuring the continuous improvement of their knowledge, particularly of their profession, disseminate their knowledge, share experience, provide opportunities for education and training of workers, provide recognition, moral and material support to the school where he studied, in this way revert to the opportunities the company has received. It is the responsibility of the engineer who carried out their work efficiently and supports the laws. In particular, ensure compliance with the standards of worker protection provided by the law As professionals, engineers are expected to commit themselves to high standards of conduct.

Engineering and Global Development

The Humanitarian Side of Engineering

There are scores and scores of humanitarian jobs out there for engineers like you. Engineering is one of the most useful fields to get into, and its diversity offers you a lot of freedom.

Let’s look at some of the organizations that provide work placements and paid opportunities for engineers.

Engineers Without Borders

There are more than 60 independent Engineers Without Borders organizations out there, and they operate in different ways, but they are united by the belief that engineering can solve problems for people.

Engineers Without Borders UK works with partner organizations and the education sector to allow people to use science, technology and engineering to aid human development. In 2015 at Engineers Without Borders (EWB) UK, a flagship initiative addressing engineering education called the EWB Challenge was endorsed by both the Engineering Council and The Engineering Professor’s Council. They’ve worked in Rwanda, Bangladesh, Peru, the Philippines and Cameroon, and recruit and support graduate and early career engineers to volunteer oversees for between 3 and 12 months, but there are paid positions available too. Have a look at their site at

If you’d like to work with Engineers Without Borders Canada, who also help people in developing countries use technology to improve their lives, check out

Jobs at The United Nations

The United Nations also looks for engineers to work at its different agencies, but you’ll find it easier to get hired by certain agencies that others. For example, the IAEA, or International Atomic Energy Agency hires Nuclear Waste Technology engineers, and Unattended Monitoring Systems engineers. You might alternatively be called upon to work as a weapon inspector in a conflict zone.

UNOSAT is a free satellite mapping service for the humanitarian community that’s produced satellite image analysis for emergency response during 270 natural disasters over the last 10 years. You could join them as a Satellite engineer or an environmental engineer.

UNOPS, or The United Nations Office for Project Services isn’t very well known, but it’s the agency that other UN agencies contact when field operations are necessary. The team there have built roads in El Salvador, shelters in Haiti and schools in Afghanistan, and they hire civil engineers with more than 7 years’ experience.

UN HABITAT is the United Nations Human Settlements Program and promotes socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. They hire Structural Engineers, Transport Engineers and others to help make cities in the developing world safer, greener and better for people with few resources.

For all the UN job openings an engineering could want to know about, check out, where you’ll see all the experience, education and competencies you’ll need to bag the positon.

For example, the Field Missions office was recently looking for an Engineer to analyze and advise on the planning, design, construction and maintenance of major systems and facilities and related structures needed for logistics support of UNAMID with a Master’s degree or equivalent in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or another related field; a minimum of 7 years in progressively responsible roles in engineering or a related field. Engineering experience in international field/peacekeeping or military operations is highly desired.

So how are you going to gain all these career elements? Starting with a Master’s degree could work nicely. Let’s have a look at some of your options.

Masters Programs for Engineers With Humanitarian Intentions

The M.Sc. in Thermal Energy and Process Engineering at Aalborg University in Denmark focuses primarily on thermal energy technologies and systems, aspects of energy system modelling, heat- and mass transfer, control engineering and experimental work. This program is perfect for anyone passionate about the development of non-fossil fuels and the design of new, innovative energy technologies and systems to produce competitive and efficient solutions for the future.

At just over 12,500 EUR for international students at the time of writing, this 2-year, full-time course will set you up perfectly to later head towards humanitarian work with full force.

The M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, is another similar course aimed at providing you with a state-of-the-art education in solar energy, power generation, energy utilization, turbomachinery and the transformation of energy systems. Graduates of this program have gone into positions in industry, governmental agencies and consultancies, and there’s no reason why this degree couldn’t guide you into work abroad in the developing world.

Tuitions fees for international students are in the realm of 15,000 EUR at the time of writing. You’ll spend 2 years in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, studying Renewable Energy Technology; Airbreathing Propulsion; Applied Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology; Design of Photovoltaic and Hybrid Systems; Strategies in the Global Climate Agenda; Theory and Methodology of Science for Energy Research; Global Energy Markets and Systems in Transition; plus many more amazing, modern courses.

For a similar program in the USA, what about the M.Sc. in Renewable (Solar) Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell? It offers professional training designed to prepare students to perform state-of-the-art work on energy systems. It costs over 24,000 EUR for international students.

The M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering offered at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA, is a course-work lead program you could study on for just over 38,000 USD a year, if you’re an international student. You’ll have the opportunity to research catalysis, reaction kinetics, complex fluids, microelectronics, microfluidics, bioinformatics, sustainable development, CO2 capture, biomedicine, solar energy, thermodynamics, MEMS, cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, process synthesis and control, modeling, biofuels plus many more subjects.

The M.Sc. in Engineering Technology (Occupational Health and Safety) at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, USA offers thesis and non-thesis options. You can do the M.Sc. in Engineering Technology with concentrations in
Engineering Technology as well as Occupational Health and Safety, which will give you the opportunity to go into a broad range of technical and industrial management positions. You’ll over modules like Current and Future Trends in Engineering and Technology; Safety Technology and Engineering; Anthropometric Factors in Accident Prevention; Advanced Topics in Technology; plus many more subjects that could really help you make engineering more safe in developing countries.

For something a little different, there’s the M. Eng. Chemical and Biological Engineering Master’s program at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado Springs, USA, which was ranked 14th among all graduate programs, 8th among public graduate programs and won research awards nationally.

The ChBe Department you would study at has an active program in renewable energy research, where they look into the production and use of hydrogen, the materials for photovoltaics, biorefining and biofuels research. This 2-year, full-time course also has modules in Chemical and Biological Engineering; Transport Phenomena; Chemical Reaction Engineering, plus many more.

Ready to dive into a Master’s program right away? There are a lot of options, especially in Europe where education is more affordable and the quality is high. Research and dissect every program that interests you, and when you need help writing your personal statement of purpose, shoot us an email. We have a long-standing history writing powerful statements for hundreds of students and engineers just like you.

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Engineering

PHD Engineering Statement of Purpose Sample, Saudi Applicant

Now that I have 2 years work experience as a senior researcher, I feel that it is the right time for me to undertake graduate studies. I hope to earn the PhD Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of XXXX because I feel that I am the best fit with your program. I relate to and admire very much the research interests and pioneering endeavors of your faculty in Electrical Engineering and I am excited to find that my area of focus is well represented among the diverse ongoing projects in which your faculty is engaged. I am convinced that XXXX University has the most to offer me for my preparation to meet my principle long term goals.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I pursued a Master's program at Loyola Marymount University. During that period, I completed many challenging projects. For my Capstone Project, I concentrated on image compression and encryption – comparing two different approaches to design and assimilation.

I have always very much enjoyed technological research and have been a senior researcher at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) for almost two years now. Our work environment involves joint collaborative work on projects with high technological value, in order to transfer and settle technology in Saudi Arabia.  I have had the privilege of making major contributions to numerous projects. For example, our ASIP Project, for example, involves the design  processors having instructions with parallel operations. It also relates to methods of decoding long instructions which have multiple operations for such processors and for mapping input and output ports to the same addresses. I am also very excited about our EMTYAZ project which is a joint project with KACST& Saudi Signal Corps. Finally, we are working on EMTYAZ, Software Defined Radio (SDR). The objective of the project is to design a very high performance jamming resistant. 

My long-term vision is about technology transfer and settlement and owning the next big thing. I seek to contribute as much as possible to building up the infrastructure for scientific research within KACST where I am currently employed -inventing and developing useful technology for the world.  I seek to make a highly effective contribution to scientific research, enriching the lives of people worldwide through new technological innovation. I want to continue my education to improve my knowledge and research capabilities Thankfully, KACST is providing me with full funding to complete my PhD in Electrical Engineering at XXXX University.

I also very much appreciate the focus on sustainability that is pronounced in your program at XXXX as I seek to make it a central integral pillar of my own professional development and the systems that I look forward to developing in the future in the KSA, always expanding the circles of scientific production research and interdisciplinary communications. The greatest possible contribution that I can make to my society, Saudi Arabia, would be to distinguish myself in the area of research and development in Electrical Engineering, perhaps teaching the subject as well later on in my career

I look forward to a long lifetime of professional engagement in the support of local innovation, content generation of all kinds through development of nationally-qualified professional standards of communication development. I look forward to providing technical consulting services to government sectors that will lead to vast improvement in performance, productivity, and flexibility in electronic communications. As a graduate student in your program, I look forward to learning as much as I can, in particular, about Information theory and coding, signal and image processing, digital design, and communication theory.

I love the way in which rapid developments in electrical engineering require one to constantly stay abreast of the research in order to stay current on the latest technological advances. I feel very strongly that I am ready for both the challenges and the unavoidable failures that come with them. I understand that great research requires patience and that one must understand that results do not come automatically and that the road can be arduous. I persevere because that is where I find my joy, solving problems. I think about engineering challenges almost all of the time, out jogging, lying in bed before I go to sleep, and when I wake up in the morning. This will help me to excel as an investigator and developer.

What I enjoy most is always learning something new, always being in touch with people and learning from them, especially those with extensive experience in an area that I seek to master. I always keep myself up-to-date in software, hardware, publications, for example, and I have a lot of valuable connections with friends and associates who help me to learn what I need to learn as efficiently as possible. Research, networking, and staying up-to-date are all integral parts of my daily routine.

I thank you for considering my application to your world-class program in Electrical Engineering at XXXX University.