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MS, Masters of Engineering, Acoustics

To date, I have maintained over a decade of conceptual continuity in my academic and professional careers, a consistent and unswerving path to Acoustics in Engineering. Indeed, further confirmation that I am exactly where I need to be has been reinforced through my yearlong relationship with Dr. XXX of the University of XXX, in Australia, an academician of some prominence and fellow musician - in the area of Acoustics. Through his observations and encouragement, a passion for researching the Acoustics of musical instruments, specifically conical horns for woodwinds as well as the design and acoustics of string instruments has been ignited within me. Moreover, I am particularly interested in examining the resonance physics of the cavities in the bodies of specific types of string instruments.

Having reached a point in my career where I feel I will quickly exhaust every path of opportunity and challenge at my current academic level, I have turned to University of XXX, and have already proven my ability and commitment to a scholastic program by completing XXX graduate-level credits with XXX. Moreover, I have been impressed by the breadth and autonomy of the Acoustics program and am eager to immerse myself in the area of Audio Engineering, and Digital Sound Processing.

Obtaining a Masters of Engineering in Acoustics will enable me to bring my goals, plans my dreams to fruition. Having traveled to XXX several Latin American countries, I have seen a distinct deficit of knowledge and research in the area of Acoustics and Audio Engineering. Through a continued relationship with XXX, combined with my Hispanic background and ability to speak two languages fluently, I will be able to bring new ideas, contemporary concepts, and cutting-edge research to Latin America and other emerging nations. Additionally, I envision increasing my exposure in the field and serving as a manager of Product Development and Research within an acoustical products manufacturer/design firm.

I bring with me to the student body a solid foundation in Electronics Engineering. Combined with this are my years of relevant experiences, instances where I have been able to apply classroom theory to solving real-world problems. Currently, I am working for a company that produces acoustical products for Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control. These past five years in the US have found me bringing my enthusiasm, and energy to the only field that has ever brought me the highest level of personal and professional satisfaction.

XXX is my sole choice for further education. Aside from the convenience and flexibility of the distance learning aspect of the engineering program, I have been impressed repeatedly with the diverse student body, access to resources and truly approachable faculty, people that really care about their students, and have been inspirational to me; these are the people I want to learn from, share and interact with.

I look forward to my continued relationship with XXX and my research experiences with great eagerness. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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