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Master’s Degree Environmental Science, Woman Applicant from Kuwait, Additional Application Material

Cleaning up Kuwait and Getting it Moving in the Personal Statement for Graduate School

(Q) Do you think that the lifestyle of the inhabitants of your town or city reflects behavior that is in line with the concept of sustainable development? In your opinion, what should be improved?    

As a close observer of development in my city, Kuwait City, I have become increasingly aware of numerous noble attempts in a variety of areas, most notably architecture, to implement development that is sustainable and at harmony with the environment. The government, however, almost always supports the status quo and the bottom line, and adapting sustainable measures are often expensive. Change itself is controversial in Kuwait.

From my perspective as a woman professional and an avid student of economic development, the inherently conservative and brutally patriarchic nature of Kuwaiti society works to actively diminish the importance that is ascribed to development generally speaking and sustainable development in particular. From my perspective, women – heretofore largely excluded from the workplace – are the central key to development and without their widespread inclusion in the workforce, sustainable development in a globalized market will be impossible. Kuwait from my perspective suffers from a chronic lack of diversity in countless ways, in the workforce, the marketplace, much of this having to do with the fact that our entire economy rests on the foundation of oil, not a renewable resource.

This myopic vision of Kuwait as tied to fossil fuel extraction has resulted in environmentally destructive and socially disharmonizing methods of development, the costs of which Kuwaiti society will pay for generations to come for the foreseeable future. If we do not diversify our economy and our workforce and modernize in sustainable ways, our country will fall further behind the development curve and be unable to assimilate and compete in the global economy.

The government of Kuwait needs to implement strict environmental protections that rein in the contamination resulting from a host of industrial processes involved in oil production. The catastrophic methods that are currently utilized by the oil industry have turned Kuwait into one of the most polluted countries on Earth, with some of the highest rates on the planet of childhood health complications associated with poor air quality. The Kuwaiti government is guilty of promoting and implementing systemic, multi-generational sickness and death at worst, and complicit at least. How could the public galvanise themselves into an environmentally conscious mode of behaviour if the political forces elected to represent them are wholly complicit in the destruction of our environment?

Kuwait is in desperate need of many of the most modest of public investments in environmental welfare, such as community litter protocols and education programs, beach cleanup campaigns, and litter enforcement in particular. Of the few public parks that Kuwait has built for community recreation, fewer still are regularly maintained. Even then, cheap labor picks up the trash left behind by visitors. We need a public recycling campaign to capitalise on the enormous amounts of reusable plastics that cover our streets and choke our landfillls. Currently, there is only one private organisation that is making any efforts at recycling business and it is most limited.

The government needs invest proactively in the necessary infrastructure that would allow us to safely purify tap water so that bottled water is not the only option. Even the plastic bag surcharges or bans that have been implemented in other countries and municipalities are not yet seen in Kuwait. Yet, even these modest reforms undertaken in other parts of the world, if implemented in Kuwait, would have a favorable impact on the situation, serving to some extent to protect our communities from the harmful effects of environmental negligence, triggering consciousness raising on the part of the population so that they would learn to embrace and better appreciate the benefits of a clean, safe environment.

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Sample 1st Paragraph MS Management Information Systems, Environmental Studies Major

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies because this is where my principal passion lies in life, protecting our mother earth at the same time that we are able to thrive in sustainable ways, with human dignity. It is for this reason that my heart is set on a professional course that enables me to give me all to the cause of sustainable development in environmentally friendly ways, especially with respect to the Developing World. I fully realize, however, thankfully, that there are many applicants to positions of responsibility with NGOs that address these issues, and those who are selected tend to have earned a Master’s Degree and thereby have more to offer. I want to build a professional life focus not only on protecting our environment, but, more specifically, developing the kinds of innovation in information management that will continue to propel creative advancement in our struggle into the next generation. It is for this reason that I see your distinguished program at XXU to be the optimal springboard upon which to build a distinguished career as a soldier for the environment in the private sector, managing our information.

The need for companies to comply with environmental laws and regulations is expected to contribute to the demand for environmental scientists and some geoscientists, especially hydrologists and engineering geologists. Issues of water conservation, deteriorating coastal environments, and rising sea levels also will stimulate employment growth of these workers. As the population increases and moves to more environmentally sensitive locations, environmental scientists and hydrologists will be needed to assess building sites for potential geologic hazards and to address issues of pollution control and waste disposal. Hydrologists and environmental scientists also will be needed to conduct research on hazardous wastesites to determine the impact of hazardous pollutants on soil and groundwater so engineers can design remediation systems. The need for environmental scientists and geoscientists who understand both the science and engineering aspects of waste remediation is growing. An expected increase in highway building and other infrastructure projects will be an additional source of jobs for engineering geologists.

Employment of environmental scientists and geoscientists is more sensitive to changes in governmental energy or environmental policy than employment of other scientists. If environmental regulations are rescinded or loosened, job opportunities will shrink. On the other hand, increased exploration for energy sources will result in improved job opportunities for geoscientists.

The Federal Government is expected to increasingly outsource environmental services to private consulting firms. This lack of funding will affect mostly geoscientists performing basic research.

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Sample 1st paragraph for Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate Study towards the Master’s Degree in Environmental Science

I hope very much to be accepted to your distinguished program because I feel strongly that I have the potential to make important contributions to the field of climate change in the area of Paleo-ecology. My passion for the study of climate change had become intense by the time that I was studying Botany as an undergraduate student. Since that time, I have been obsessed with analyzing the issue of exactly what is an ideal human environment. During the course of my philosophical rambling and broodings along this path, I became especially fascinated with a branch of botany called palynology, otherwise known as paleo-ecology. This was the area that I specialized in for my final year, and it has won my heart. Thus, I am hoping very much to be admitted to your program at XXXX University because of the way that you make the area of paleo-ecology an integral part of your Master’s Program.

Why I want to help with your Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School in Environmental Science, Masters, Doctorate

Helping applicants to graduate programs in the area of environmental science allows us to have the privilege of making important contributions to saving our planetary home, especially as concerns environmental issues in less-developed countries, our central focus at We are especially interested in the way in which less-developed countries need to become more self-reliant through the ongoing, sustainable development of crucial, new environmental protection policies. It is an honor for us to help those who will have an influence in the future over critically important policy decisions in the allocation of resources for environmental research. We have now helped generations of development specialists in environmental science, applicants who have completed their programs and are now strategic decision makers and advisers in international agencies, working for national governments or staying engaged with cutting-edge environmental research in both public and private sectors. It will be an honor for us to assit you as well in the fulfillment of your professional dreams in environmental science.

The Humanitarian Side of Environmental Science

We probably don’t need to tell you how awesome you are for choosing to study environmental science. I mean, your heart is already in the right place and you’re in the perfect situation now for diving straight into the world of humanitarian work. However, maybe you’d like to specialize or pursue a specific line of work in this field. Niching down can really help make you more competitive when applying for jobs, and make you the expert in a specific topic. We’ve selected some of the best NGOS to work for in environmental and sustainable development, as well as some of the Masters programs that might interest you the most.

Ceres is working in the area of business and industry to weave environmental and social considerations into a new sustainable business model, and they’ve been doing it for 25 years. It is a national coalition of investors, environmentalists, labor unions and public interest groups dedicated to increasing corporate sustainability and responsibility and they take on summer interns for 8-week periods. Interviews take place during March, and then the internships begin in June. Check out their job opportunities and more information on their internships here:

Rare and its partner organizations design conservation programs in more than 50 countries to benefit both people and nature and ensure that change is embraces and sustained. It was classed as one of the “Great Places to Work” by Washingtonian in 2015. This organization is currently looking for a number of individuals, including an Associate for the Fish Forever project, who will work in Arlington, USA.

This position involves developing tools, systems and structures for effective Fish Forever team operations and tracking deliverables and workflows; organize Fish Forever events; lead presentations; support the Rare enterprise level knowledge management staff, etc. Rare is looking for someone with a Bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years relevant work experience in nonprofit management, global development or conservation positions. Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian or Spanish language would be an asset. Check out Rare’s job page here for this or other positions available:

GOAL is also seeking a Senior Climate Change and Resilience Advisor for their international humanitarian organization. GOAL works in 19 countries, delivering life-saving relief to people affected by emergencies. The organization is looking for an individual with a minimum of 5 years’ relevant experience with the humanitarian and/or development field, a BA/S in a relevant field, but preferably a Master’s degree. You will work with other advisors to systemize GOAL’s resilience, so it can respond to technical requests from country teams in different areas of expertise, contribute to proposal design and development and contribute to country strategies.

So while some positions available to environmental scientists like you out there don’t require a Master’s degree, you might be keen to complete one to improve your employability and deepen your knowledge. Let’s have a look at some excellent programs you could apply for.


The M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science at Aalborg University in Denmark is a two-year, full-time program that might suit you. You’ll study modules like environmental planning, environmental policy, environmental management systems, corporate social responsibility, life cycle assessment and energy analysis and planning. This is a 12,573 EUR program at the time of writing.

The Southern Illinois University in Edwardville, USA runs a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences – Environmental Biology, which includes modules on Advanced Environmental Sciences and Policy; Pollution Ecology; Applied Ecology; Environmental Sampling; Analysis of Environmental Contaminants. It’s a two-year, full-time course with a tuition fee of under 1000 USD for international students.

If technology and assessment are your cup of tea, what about the M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences – Environmental Technology and Assessment at the same institution? This two-year, full-time program is also available for under 1000 USD and covers Environmental Sampling; Environmental Technology and Assessment; Modeling the Natural Environment; Advanced Environmental Sciences and Policy; and Applied Ecology.

If not, what about their M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences – Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology? It’s similar to the above, except that you’ll learn about toxicology, pollution ecology, environmental sampling, aquatic ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry.

The M.Sc. in Molecular Life Sciences at Wageningen University in the Netherlands prepares its students to work in fields like nanotechnology, biotechnology, environmental research, biomedical research and the food sciences. It cost 16,000 EUR for international students.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, Chinese

I am a young man from China, still only 22, who already has extensive experience in conservation biology, the field where my passions lie. Having served as a teacher in rural areas, I have come to learn a great deal about wildlife and endangered species in rural areas of my country. I have also served as a leader of volunteers for an animal care program, worked with a wildlife conservation fund, and volunteered as a research assistant.

Sample 1st Paragraph MS Environmental & Water Engineering, Applicant from Ecuador

A determined, and idealistic young man from Ecuador, I have completed my undergraduate studies in the area of Civil Engineering and, increasingly, I have come to act upon my growing passion for water, in the context of a very troubled country at war over its water supply. Water is life in Ecuador and this motivates me a great deal. Sadly, ironically, it is under a supposedly socialist administration that our indigenous communities find their water supply at the greatest risk, at the hands of the government, big business, and capitalist greed. I humbly ask for admission to your particularly distinguished Master’s Program at XXXX University so that I might receive a world-class education in Water Resource Engineering. This would enable and empower me to help my people to the fullest extent possible, for many decades to come.