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Most of the applicants that I have worked with in the area of MIS have been interested and engaged with ensuring the security of business applications of information technology, building defenses, proposing ways that business managers and professionals can help lessen the harmful effects, and increase the beneficial effects, of the use of information technology. This is why I find special satisfaction working in this area.

The pervasive use of IT in organizations and society presents individuals with new ethical challenges and dilemmas. If companies don’t set ethical policies and  guidelines, or don’t make sure that employees know what they are and understand them, companies should not hold workers accountable. Companies are developing ethical policies and guidelines for legal reasons, but also to clarify what is acceptable and what is not. Protecting the privacy of personal information continues to pose significant challenges for organizations. 

Because consumers are vulnerable in their dealings with businesses due to a lack of information about and an inability to control the subsequent use of their personal information, as I see it, organizations have a moral responsibility to these individuals to avoid causing harm and to take reasonable precautions toward that end. I also believe that firms can enhance their privacy programs by moving beyond merely complying with laws and other regulations so as to foster a culture of security.

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What to Expect in a Master's Degree Program in Management Information Systems

The master's degree program in management information systems instructs students on how to operate a system of computer networks. Courses that may be taken for this degree program include database design and applications, information systems development, information systems security, data storage and security, internet computing, management information systems policy and planning etc.

Some masters degree programs require students to complete a thesis before earning their degree. To complete a thesis, students must perform in-depth research on a specific subject within management information systems, such as competitive strategies for management information systems. The topic one chooses for their thesis should be something they are strongly interested in and passionate about. You are not expected to start your degree program with a thesis in mind, rather develop the thesis after going through half of your courses so you have a better understanding of what you would be interested in researching.

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Statements of Excellence for Admission to Master's Degree Programs in Information Systems

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the MBA in Information Systems, Indian Applicant

I am a young woman from India who is now advancing her career and making a new home here in America. Before leaving India I did two things that I am especially proud of: I earned my MBA and spent many long hours working for a foundation that protects animals. I did this out of a profound sense of social and humanitarian service, following the example of my parents who taught me that the most important thing in life and by far the most rewarding is to serve humanity and our planetary home. This is why I want very much to earn an MBA here in America as well, one with a central focus on informatics. As a result of my background, interests, and passion, it is in this area that I feel strongly that I will be able to make my fullest contribution.

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study here in America because …..