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EDD Leadership Statement of Purpose, Applicant from Myanmar, Former Refugee, Active US Military

A Naval Officer Candidate, I will soon be completing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on Healthcare Administration, my second Master’s Degree. The Doctor of Education in Leadership EDD Program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study primarily as a result of my profound admiration for your enormous achievements in online learning. I see XXXX as a pioneer in online and distance learning at the doctoral level and I hope to be selected so that I might contribute to the rich diversity of your student body, from all over the world. I was born and raised as a Karen in the country now called Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, the site of one of the longest running civil wars in history, which continues to this day.

Growing up, I was persecuted because of what I believed. The soldiers of the Burmese Junta (military government) constantly surrounded and abused us (the Karen ethnic group ) seeking ultimately to exterminate us or drive us away because of our beliefs in freedom and equality. There was no innocence in my childhood, as a result of the perennial presence of genocide, disease, and injuries. I became a teenage warrior for my people while I was there. Then I escaped and became a warrior for my new country, the USA. I serve proudly in the US Navy and hope to become an officer after completing my doctoral studies at XXXX University.

Under the management of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), at the age of 18, I resettled in the United States alone, and my lack of ability to communicate in English made finding a job and pursuing a university education extremely difficult. I worked very hard to earn a living just to survive in the United States and to learn English. That was 10 years ago and I have triumphed at integration in US society and learning English. Now, I feel strongly that still only 28 years old I have a great deal to give to my new country, my new world, as an officer in the US Navy. My future in the Navy will not be so much as a soldier as it will a health promoter. This is the best of the Navy, its concern for promoting health on a global level and this will be my area, health education. Thus, my focus on leadership in the area of health education.

I will be able to realize my central, professional hope of serving for many years as an officer in the US Navy as a result of earning the EDD Degree at Liberty University. Your program is perfect for me, the most rigorous and relevant curriculum possible with a focus on leadership, to prepare me for what I want to be, all that I can be, as a leader in the US Navy.

An accomplished and energetic sailor with a solid history of achievement in the hospital setting, I am also a highly-motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. A very well trained Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) with strong clinical abilities and a successful career in the laboratories of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, I am proactive and organized with a passionate commitment to first-rate patient care. A goal-oriented corpsman, I am dedicated to high levels of customer satisfaction and meeting aggressive healthcare goals. A certified MLT, with expert knowledge of medical terminology and HIPPA compliance, I have a long track record of achieving exceptional results in lab and hospital settings. A responsible MLT proficient in analyzing specimen and reporting results, I am passionate and motivated, with a drive for excellence. Able to learn new tasks quickly and proficiently. Serving as a Hospital Corpsman as well as Medical Laboratory Technician has allowed me to gain invaluable medical and clinically-related experiences and develop a global, public-health knowledge base. I have had the privilege of working alongside many very talented, world-class physicians, nurses, lab techs, and other healthcare professions who motivate me more than ever to pursue my lifelong dream, becoming a leader in healthcare education.

I earned my Associates in Science (AS) from George Washington University, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science Technology (BSAST) from Thomas A. Edison State University, and the Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) from Touro University Worldwide, all while I was on active duty. I am now completing my MBA in Healthcare Administration. My MSHS program helped me to become adept at critical analysis, data collection, and research in health promotion and education. My previous education and work experience have prepared me well for the Doctor of Education (EDD) in Leadership program at Liberty University since I now have extensive supervisory knowledge in clinical education and my education experience make me highly motivated to becoming a leader in an academic setting.   

The roles of healthcare educational leadership would allow me to reach, teach, and care for those in need to fulfill my passion and satisfy my never-tiring work ethic. As a healthcare educational leader, I will never stop striving to make the world better place and make it whole for everyone as a result of the intense passion that I have for this profession.  As a Karen and a former refugee from the Thai-Burma border area, I am very interested in getting involved in a variety of health promotion activities, helping to develop educational settings that allow me to lead, organize, and serve the betterment of underserved, minority, and refugee populations around the globe.

I have an advanced knowledge of the health promotion and education field and a keen desire to pass that knowledge down to future generations. I sincerely believe that the EDD program will broaden my scope and knowledge concerning how to handle complex academic issues and empower my leadership ability to enhance my potential to excel in a variety of settings. It would be a great honor to become part of XXXX University’s academic community.

I am a dedicated and highly motivated applicant to your Doctor of Education in Leadership Program who is inspired to become a leader in our ever-growing health promotion and education profession. With the excellent guidance and instruction that XXXX University has to offer, I will be able to build a strong foundation towards my central goal of becoming a leader in healthcare education. If given a chance to prove myself by being admitted to your program, I am certain that my determination will enable me to overcome any obstacles in my path.

I thank you for considering my application to the EDD in Education Leadership Program at XXXX University.

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"I just want to let you know that I got accepted to the XXU's master of art program concentration in early childhood education. I want to thank you for helping me with the personal statement, I won't be able to make it without your hard work."

Sample Statement of Purpose PHD Education Policy, Leadership, and Research Methods

I am applying to the doctoral program at the University of XXXX in Education with a concentration in Policy, Leadership, and Research Methods in pursuit of a career in academic research. I entered educational research because I enjoy applying quantitative research methods and techniques to large scale education data. This interest was confirmed by my past studies and research experiences which included projects on teacher labor marker, and STEM education and career in K-12 education. My experiences have instilled first and foremost a sense of dedication and curiosity, and I am eager to implement new applications to facilitate the answering of substantive research questions in improving teaching and access learning through independent research during my doctoral study.

In the summer of my freshmen year, I volunteered as a classroom teacher in the Teaching Abroad Program funded by XXXX University at a poor rural village elementary school in Neimenggu, China. During that six-week classroom teaching experience, what impressed me was the lack of educational opportunities for students at that village. There is a great deal of pressure put on these children to learn and excel, but the undeveloped rural educational system is most inadequate. Students at that village huddled in decrepit school buildings and struggled to grasp advanced subjects such as English and chemistry amid a dearth of qualified instructors. This experience helped me to better understand the great challenges we face in terms of advancing the rural system of education so as to improve teaching and access to learning in poor rural China.

My teaching volunteer experience triggered my passion and determination to make important contributions to the field of education. This was why I went on to complete a research internship with the City of Jinan Education Bureau (in Shandoing, China) for two consecutive summers, an experience that provided numerous, excellent learning opportunities. In my research practice, I enjoyed examining how teachers are recruited immediately following graduation from Shandong Normal School and how the nature of this recruitment impacts student learning outcomes, especially with respect to students at disadvantaged secondary schools in the city of Jinan. With the usage of rich longitudinal data, I gauged teacher performance through cross-subject student and school fixed effects models. Overall, my research supported a larger scale research project undertaken by the education policy makers in City of Jinan Education Bureau, whose aim was to develop programs on recruiting and selecting academically talented recent college graduates and placing them in schools serving disadvantaged students to reduce the achievement gap there.

I further explored my research potential by gaining research training with Dr. XXXX, an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics. My research paper “XXXX”, was accepted for publication by the International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, quantifying the relationship between income inequality and economic/ and demographic variables, including crop and property losses from natural disasters. My analysis of the state-by-year and region-by-year helped to clarify and better understand the utility of the fixed effect models, showing that the damage caused by natural disasters further impact income disparities across the United States. To help other researchers and policymakers benefit from this research, I recently presented my findings at the 52th (2017) Actuarial Research Conference in Altana, GA as it could have important implications for insurance industry and government policy makers to be better able to prepare for financial aid to those in the impacted areas.

During the time from January to August 2017, I worked as a Project Associate and Data Analyst at the XXXX Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, and Professional Learning I managed the quantitative analyses via utilizing a combination of pre/post, quasi-experimental, factor and item response theory scale analysis, as well as causal comparative quantitative measures on one NIH (National Institute of Health)-and two NSF (National Science Foundation)-projects. The first examined how the creation resources for middle and high school classrooms influenced the engagement of teachers in community outreach in support of improved nutrition, as well as student learning in food science. In the second, I studied female and underrepresented minority participation in STEM education and careers, through the analysis of school-level representative surveys and datasets. To this end, the final and most recent strand of my research had been the evaluation of improved student learning in STEM subjects by enhancing the implementation of interdisciplinary, inquiry-based, science teaching across all content standards. It has given me extensive experience conducting complicated statistical analyses, managing large scale data, and implementing survey research to understand and evaluate the impact of various educational and employment improvement projects across the nation and to accomplish project goals and communicate with my colleagues, clients, and other researchers.

I majored in Statistics during my undergraduate studies and continued my studies at the graduate level, now working towards the completion of my Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics at XXXXl University. My rigorous coursework in data processing and analysis, regression and analysis of variance, applied multivariate statistics, and factorial experiment design has provided me with a solid foundation in quantitative analysis. Being an active researcher has held me to a level of responsibility and accountability similar to what I expect to encounter to my doctoral study. My decision to apply to Ph.D program in Education stems from my career goal of becoming an independent investigator in the field of educational research. In addition to research, I am committed to having a career that enables me to mentor and lead a group of aspiring graduate level researchers. My research interest lie in examining the predictors of student achievement and performance as well as designing and conducting research studies in the field to examine the impact of educational treatments and interventions. A central focus of my interest on the work would be surrounding the measurement of achievement gaps for students between subgroups of students.

My previous education and research experience have prepared me for a doctoral program in Education with a concentration in Policy, Leadership, and Research Methods at The XXXX School. I am attracted to this program’s emphasis on the exploration of both substantive and methodological questions. There are two faculty members, in particular, doing research I find fascinating. I am very interested in Dr. XXXX’s research on manipulating teacher’s and students’ perceptions of actual similarities to help enhance the academic achievements for students. His article, “XXXX”, used many techniques that I am well acquainted with including mean- and variance-adjusted weighted least squares for complex survey data estimation and information maximum likelihood to address missing data. My previous experience working on inquiry-based science education in formal and informal settings led me to the extensive research of Dr. XXXX on STEM education. In particular, I credited his article, “Supporting the STEM Pipeline: Linking Applied STEM Course taking in High School to Declaring a STEM Major in College” with introducing me to the nascent but fascinating filed of integrating applied STEM courses in high school. Together, Dr. Gelbach’s research on teacher-student relationship and Dr. XXXX knowledge of STEM education would make my experience at XXXX a challenging and enjoyable one.

I have been very impressed by my studies of the vast contributions to education made by the alumni of your Ph.D program in Education at the XXXX School. Working together with other experts to create effective interventions across cultures and societies, my ultimate goal is to help close the gap between the quality of education in the city as compared to that of rural areas so as to transform education landscapes once I return to China. I thank you for considering my application.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the M.Ed. Degree in Educational Counseling, South African Applicant

A woman from South Africa who is now becoming a permanent resident of the USA and working as an ESL instructor at a community college, I am now 30 years old and feel that I have the maturity and stability in my life to truly excel in graduate school. Your distinguished M.Ed. Program at XXXX University is my first choice due to both the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that I live within driving distance.

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