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Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Graphic Design

I want to help you get admitted to Graduate School in Graphic Design

In your statement for admission to graduate school in graphic design it is important that you support the needs of your social, environmental, professional and personal communities. As a visual communicator, you need to demonstrate the utmost respect for all major philosophical, religious and personal systems  of beliefs, always treating your subject matter with great dignity. I am highly knowledgeable in this area and ready to help with your statement for admission to graduate school in graphic design.

We see graphic design as a field with enormous power for the future. Images impact minds and we like to think of graphic design as a field that has great potential for contributing to progressive social change.

Advancement in graphic design is directly related to both education and experience. Graphic design professionals must stay current with design, communication, and technology trends, and should continually add samples of their best work to their portfolios. In order to advance, professionals may be required to earn not only a Bachelor's Degree but also a Masters in order to become eligible for higher-level positions and salaries with some employers. They may also choose to broaden their skills by adding a second specialty area such as marketing, web design, photography or written communication.

Graphic Design has come a long way from its days on a letterpress. Technology has aided design at every turn and made it increasingly more simple, shareable, and powerful. It would be an honor for us to assist you with your Personal Statement of Purpose so that you are accepted into a program of higher study in Graphic Design.

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Ethics in Graphic Design

As someone with a PHD in social ethics, I am particularly concerned with the professional ethical issues that arise in this area. With the meteoric rise of commercial visual communication, coupled with evidence of how these visual messages can intrinsically affect the youth of our society, it is of utmost importance that a code of ethics be defined for the profession of graphic designers. Defining a code of ethics for graphic designers can no longer be argued to be a superfluous thing or a pursuit of the moralistic. It has become a must - a necessity - if design is to be seen as a responsible profession.

The Humanitarian Side of Graphic Design

There are many ways to move your career in a humanitarian direction as a graphic designer. Perhaps you’ve done some freelancing for NGOs already, or perhaps you’ve just completed your Bachelor’s degree and want to go in this direction.

It’s such a shame to see graphic designers on freelancer websites getting paid pennies and students paying to work for free. It might be your choice to fund your own trip and volunteer for an organization you really believe in, but that’s a whole different ball game. Work in the humanitarian sector can be sustainable, and you can earn a living that way. Making sure you are well prepared, with a master’s degree and some great experience will help make it easy. Let’s check out some paid internships and jobs you could go out and succeed in immediately.


The UN has a wide variety of opportunities, and offers $37,000-80,000 for entry-level professionals, up to $123,000 for senior level professionals, plus a range of interesting benefits.

The UN’s International Justice Mission (IJM) is currently looking for a Graphic Designer in Washington, DC. The IJM’s in-house creative agency supports the high volume production, ideation and implementation of US and international marketing campaigns, fundraising efforts and branding projects, and as a graphic designer working here, you’d play an active role in bringing stories to life in the creation of campaign identities, interactive design, print collateral, videos, reports and more. You’d report to the Director of Creative Services.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree or higher in graphic arts; a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in graphic design; an exceptional design portfolio; demonstrate an understanding of marketing and communication strategies, etc.

The UN is also looking for a Graphic Designer in Arlington, VA, USA. Winrock International works with social and environmental issues. It’s a mission-driven, field-based organization that believes sustainable development is inclusive. You’ll need a BA and at least two years’ experience of practical experience in the design field, a strong understanding of design software and a diverse portfolio of branded print and digital materials. You’ll coordinate outside graphic consultants, internally designed content; execute design and layout for publications, social media and web collateral; do photo editing and template development, etc.

There are a host of UN jobs available for your perusal online. Check out However, if you’d like something a little further afield, AMP is currently offering candidates the opportunity to work for them in Vietnam. The compensation isn’t as attractive, but this could be a great way to get some relevant experience and expand your portfolio.

 AMP is as French organization that aims to improve the health of people in developing countries with preventative medicine like immunization, human resources for health, and health policy projects. They are currently looking for a Junior Graphic Designer, and are willing to pay USD 250-400, depending on experience. The minimum wage in Vietnam is $100-150, and this contract is for 12 months. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree, knowledge of design techniques for print and web, fluency in Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc., a minimum of 1-2 years’ experience working for communication agencies. In this position, you will be developing graphics and layouts for product illustrations, logos, brochures, banners, leaflets and other materials; web designs, simple layouts and taking care of production quality and timeline management.


There are a lot of straight Graphic Design master’s programs out there, but niching down a little can really help you provide something difference within the humanitarian sector and get you noticed when it comes to applying for jobs.

Manchester Metropolitan University offers an M.A. in Graphic Design and Art Direction, which focuses on the advanced exploration and application of the principles of graphic design within the contexts of research and professional development. This one-year, full-time course costs GBP 12,500 for non-EEA students.

The M.Sc. in Graphic Information Technology is an online course at Arizona State University that targets graphics professionals and others who need advanced expertise in administering and managing digital content, and costs USD 482 per module for international students. This two-year, full-time program starts six times per year and a GRE score is required at the time of application.

The University of Huddersfield in the UK offers a M.A. in Digital Media for continuing or recent graduates who want to enhance their knowledge, skills and creativities through imaginatively exploring Digital Media platforms and processes. This program is for students who want to enter roles in the data visualization, motion design, animation, editing, visual design artist or user experience design fields. This one-year, full-time course has modules in Digital Media Concepts, Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Digital Media Processes and Research Methods and you’ll do a large project at the end.

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