Sample Personal Statements of Purpose, Graduate School in Media Studies, Master's MA

Statements of Excellence for Graduate School in Media Studies

Sample 1st Paragraph Masters Digital Media, Indian Woman

As a young Indian woman who could not be more passionate for digital media and marketing, I am especially sensitive about issues of social justice and equality and the protection of human rights. Thus, I see digital social media and advertising as opportunities for progressive social change, especially with respect to the image of woman. I am disturbed by the way that a woman’s body has always been exploited by media and I am particularly concerned with the way that this has helped to create a society in my country, India, where women are frequently brutally raped in public by gangs of young men that have been totally failed by our educational and communications systems. Sometimes, these attacks are fatal.

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Funding your graduate education in Media Studies

For most applicants, funding is one of their primary considerations. Some grad programs accept only those students who they can fund, and hence promise funding packages. Some offer no such promise, and instead leave you in a competitive situation, in which there are a few TA, RA, and/or fellowship positions to be had, and you need to muscle out your peers to get them. Some pay your way for a while, then it’s up to you.

Personally, I highly recommend the first type of program, for a variety of reasons. Economically, going somewhere without the promise of funding is perilous. Starting academic jobs do not pay all that much and it could be many years until you could repay loans. Or if you end up trying to balance your studies with work that pays for them, you’re looking at an arduous existence with very little free time, and likely without enough adequate time to be the best academic you can be. When you’re sidetracked by financial issues, you’re likely to do what the human body does when it goes into shock, directing all energy to what you see as the major organs – here, your dissertation and class papers – while allowing the extremities – here, conference papers and publications – to go cold. You’ll need the latter to get a good job, though. Even beyond economics, and even if you’re rich, programs that don’t fund everyone by nature become competitive. Your peers need to jostle for favor and one’s success is another’s failure, whereas programs that fund everyone can allow for more camaraderie and support, not to mention less angst. You may not have the luxury of choosing which type of program you can go to, but if you get multiple offers, and if all other things are equal, I’d recommend the fully funded programs as the place to be (unless you thrive on competition, of course, in which case you might prefer to be elsewhere).

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