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MS Construction Mgmt, Indian Applicant

A young woman from India, last year I finished my undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering and I could not be more enthused about the prospect of continuing on to graduate school in the area of Construction Management. This is where I think I could make my maximum contribution to my society, India, since I see construction projects as of especially critical importance to economic development in my country.

This is especially true with respect to our need for investment in infrastructure, particularly roads and bridges. Agriculture is still the principal occupation in India and the way that a majority of Indians continue to support their families. I am especially concerned with the fact that it is very difficult for farmers in remote areas of the country to sell their crops because of the great difficulties involved in getting those crops to market. These concerns led me to choose Civil Engineering for my undergraduate studies and I graduated from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering in July of 2016.

My central professional dream, therefore, is to attain a cutting-edge education in  Construction Management so that I will be able to help the most abandoned and ignored sectors of our economy in India to prosper in the future as a result of the development of new irrigation systems, roads, and bridges etc. I feel strongly that these kinds of investments in infrastructure would help make the Indian economy more competitive on a global level.

I hope very much to be accepted to your particularly distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Construction Management at Deakin University in Australia. Earning the MSc at Deakin would represent the fulfillment of my longstanding dream of receiving a top-notch, First World education in my field at one of the finest universities in the world. There are many reasons why I have my heart set on Deakin University, especially the fact that it is the finest program of its kind in the world for studying digital technology and modeling as applied to architecture and construction management. I look forward to an intense immersion experience for two full years learning everything that I can about all aspects of Construction Management. I appreciate how the program at Deakin is so thoroughgoing and multi-disciplinary; exploring a wide range of topics all interrelated with construction management.

I also appreciate very much how your program at Deakin is geared to real-world challenges in building construction and a search for creative solutions to those challenges. I take pride in both my analytical capabilities and my computer skills and I keenly look forward to exercising these abilities to the fullest extent as a graduate student at Deakin.  Your program is the perfect place for me to develop my technical knowledge and skill-set and learn how to manage the complex problems that arise in construction today. I also see your program at Deakin as unparalleled insofar as you provide students with professional on-site opportunities. This is what I seek most of all in a Master’s Program, direct industrial exposure and experience.

I am most excited about the prospect of learning from the masters at Deakin University: skills, tips, and procedures for successful construction management, working independently and in teams. I look forward to getting increasing on-site exposure in the construction field as a result of completing my Masters at Deakin. I have already completed my first internship; and have been working intensively for some time on two research projects. I never give up, I just get up and try again until I succeed, like a spider building a web. I want very much now at 22 years old to leave my family and friends, as well as my country, and go off to find myself and my place in the world of construction management. I want to face up to all of my difficulties and challenges entirely on my own, leaning on no one.

I presented a technical paper on ground water recharge techniques for smart cities for the National Conference on “SMART CITIES –CONCEPT FOR INNOVATION ECOSYSTEMS” at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. I also presented a paper titled Experimental Study of a Gate Valve for Improvement in its Hydraulic performance at the 1st International conference on “Energy, Environment and Engineering” (ICEE-2016) organized by the Coimbatore Institute of Technology. Finally, I have completed several courses at the Center of Innovation and Leadership, including personal effectiveness and communication skills for business and working in teams.

I have been planning to apply to graduate school in Australia for some time, reading and studying, learning about Australia and the opportunities that exist in construction in particular. After graduating with my Master’s Degree from Deakin University, I hope to begin working as an engineer on a construction site, on my way to a management position within a few years.  Ultimately, I look forward to being in charge of the construction site.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to Construction Management at Deakin University.

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