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Saudi Orthodontist, Advanced Training in the USA

Never for a moment have I regretted my career choice, Dentistry, despite the rigorous challenges involved. Throughout my internship, in particular, each day it was a great joy to arrive at the clinic. Alleviating pain and helping patients improve their appearance and dietary choices has provided me with an enormous sense of fulfilment. All of this is particularly true with respect to Orthodontics. I hope to be accepted to your competitive program in Orthodontics in the UK on the basis of my academic work and experience so far as well as my great passion for Orthodontics. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a Saudi Arabia woman who is well read and engaged with the events of my time, especially everything having to do with dentistry in the KSA, most of all orthodontics.

Now working alongside orthodontists in a busy practice in my country, Saudi Arabia, I relish every day the treasured opportunity to work alongside extremely dedicated orthodontists and I seek to emulate them at every turn. I feel called to Orthodontics because I feel strongly that I am that type of special person, cut out for Orthodontics, with enormous empathy, a capacity for meticulous planning, originality and creativity, and a highly developed aesthetic sense. I receive frequent compliments on my communication skills, art of persuasion, and especially my ability to put people at ease, most particularly children. I have long studied children closely and read widely all the time on themes having to do with young people and Orthodontics.  

I am convinced that I possess the necessary characteristics and potential to become an excellent practitioner. Research is central to my long-term aspirations and I hope to publish at some point myself in the area of Orthodontics practice in the KSA.

Earning my MSc in the UK will enable me to make my maximum contribution to my profession, Orthodontics is the field in which I plan to excel for the balance of my professional life. As a resident in your program, I will receive the optimal advanced education and be exposed to a broad variety of diverse clinical cases and the cutting-edge of Orthodontic techniques.  I look forward to making important contributions to Orthodontics in Saudi Arabia, networking and collaborating for the advancement of our profession, at once making Orthodontic care more accessible and affordable. I seek a permanent engagement with research and education in this area.

I want to provide my patients with the very highest standard of Orthodontic care. My experience so far with everything from routine checkups, root canals, extractions, and restorations, provides me with a solid experiential footing to hit the ground running in your program. I am accustomed to working with very diverse patient populations, languages, and cultures and have become a skilled communicator in my field.

Perhaps what I love most about Orthodontics are the visual aspects, the intense pleasure of the aesthetic transformation before one’s eyes, the process, and the achievement of the end result, the smile.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished MSc Program in Orthodontics.

How do Saudi Arabian students view American culture?

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Sample 1st Paragraph for Saudi Arabian Applicant to Graduate School, Master’s Degree in Education.

I am a Saudi Arabian man and a Mathematics teacher who looks forward to many decades to come as a leader in Education in Saudi Arabia. Earning the Masters Degree in Education at XXXX University would enable me to make my maximum contribution to progressive educational advancement, help our country to diversify in every way, economically, culturally, realizing greater levels of human rights for our people, especially women, at the same time that we are able to develop our economy in sustainable ways that will protect our unborn children.

Saudi Arabian Applicant to Dental School

I have chosen Dentistry because; it calls for the technical, aesthetic and interpersonal skills that closely match my interests and characteristics; I am excited to be part of a profession in which advances in techniques, equipment and materials are being made so rapidly for the benefit of patients; however the main reason is the joy of seeing grimaces of pain turn into smiles of relief and of providing confident smiles and enhancing dietary choices.

My deceased brother was autistic, I had a significant role in raising him and I accompanied him on every one of his dental appointments until his death. I was very grateful for the patience and care that was provided to him and the experience fired an interest in helping the disabled and challenged in my own career.  I trained as a Dental Hygienist and have loved my four years of work in dentistry and have never regretted my choice. Now I wish to qualify as a dentist in order to fulfil my personal potential and to maximize my usefulness, especially to those requiring exceptional patience and re-assurance.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. I am doing so because of a long-standing interest in the human mind but also consider this an excellent basis to enable me to communicate effectively and empathetically with patients who may be, for various reasons, fearful, or confused about, their treatment and the reasons for it. Ultimately I hope to specialise in treating ‘vulnerable’ and child patients.

I was raised to consider voluntary work as an obligation rather than a choice and have devoted much time to it. I have worked as an Activity Organiser in Children’s summer camps which I thoroughly enjoy. I have also been a companion to elderly residents in nursing homes.  I come from a culture in which the elderly are treated with special respect and affection and I enjoy their company. For the last 5 years, I have been providing free services at Health Mission Outreach (HMO) clinic, a non-profit organization, which runs free dental clinics, and I intend to do so, once qualified as a dentist.

My most formative experiences relate to helping to raise my autistic brother. I believe that doing so has made me a patient and empathetic person. I am drawn to helping those who are challenged physically or psychologically.

I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Singapore and Canada and have visited other countries in South America, Africa and East Asia. This exposure has made me a curious and open person. I am fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic and have a flair for language learning.

In the middle of the 2017 winter term, I had to cope with the death of my brother to whom I was very close. Although I obtained reasonably creditable grades of B and B+, I am confident that I would have attained A’s had I not been suffering this bereavement. In fact I regard the grades achieved in these circumstances as demonstrating my ability to function well in distressing circumstances.

A highly effective dentist needs a truly unique mix of knowledge, skills and personal characteristics. Not only is he/she knowledgeable in specialist areas of human biology and related pharmaceutics but has highly developed manual dexterity and aesthetic awareness. A dentist has an excellent knowledge of the, often highly sophisticated, specialist equipment employed and of the materials employed and how and why they work. He/she is empathetic and caring and has an awareness of non-verbal patient signals.

The dentist is a skilled planner who can think creatively and originally regarding each treatment and patient as unique. The dentist needs to be aware of new techniques, materials and equipment as they become available and must be ready to adapt quickly and enthusiastically to change. He/she is always ready to work in collaboration with specialists to achieve optimum outcomes. He/she is also a good manager who challenges, guides and supports subordinates.

All medical services will soon be greatly affected by computerisation, artificial intelligence and robotics. Already, highly accurate medical diagnostic tools are available online and surgery at a distance is undertaken for some medical operations. Clearly, this kind of service will be extended and enhanced with time. The uniqueness of cranial and dental construction will be a barrier to early ‘production line’ techniques but this will surely be overcome in time and the dentist will ‘set’ the tasks for a machine which will undertake those tasks.

I envisage that the simpler work such as that undertaken by hygienists to be the first to be undertaken by machine but I do not see a limit, ultimately, to the work that might be undertaken robotically. Patient ‘resistance’ to being treated robotically will certainly exist for many years but I would expect such resistance to be less among the young and to reduce in all patient populations over time. I look forward to fully embracing these developments as a dentistry professional for decades to come.

I thank you for considering my application.

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Sample 1st Paragraph Master’s Computer Science, Data Mining, Saudi

Your highly esteemed program is my first choice for graduate study because of my profound respect for the research being done at your distinguished institution in the areas of databases, data Mining, and machine learning, as well as security, privacy, and cryptography. I have identified these interests as central to the contribution that I would like to make to Saudi Arabia and the world. In this way, I will be able to contribute to making our planet a safer place to do business and to share information, especially with respect to commerce and administration in the KSA.

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