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Masters Theology Degree Program, Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Venezuelan Applicant

I have my heart set on earning my MTH Degree at XXXX because of the long and noble history of XXXX, defending oppressed peoples, thinking and reflecting globally, and celebrating both liberation and diversity. In addition to the vast resources available at Harvard, I appreciate and share your mission of building a world in which people can live and work together in harmony. Born in Venezuela and raised in Brooklyn, I have made my permanent home in Los Angeles where I am in the process of becoming credentialed as a Minister in the United Methodist Church. I will also be completing an AA Degree and Certificate Program in Drug and Alcohol Studies this coming May and I hope to make my principal professional mark in addictions counseling, therapy, and recovery from a faith-based perspective. I hope to be accepted to the THM Degree at XXXX so as to be inspired and empowered as a visionary from a faith-based perspective of liberation from addiction. I plan to devote much of my energy in the future to helping people to free themselves from the chains of addictions and to fully recover, to heal with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I ask for admission to the XXXXDS, so that I can become the finest minister and pastor possible, and hopefully a professor of theology at some point as well. Recovery from addictions will be my personal and professional mission as a Christian and a leader of a faith-based community. In addition to my Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies, I will also complete two degrees simultaneously this coming May, 2017, my MDIV from XXXX Theological Seminary as well as my MA in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Seminary. Given my commitment to the proposition that ‘faith without works is dead’, I have completed numerous internships for both the M.DIV degree and for the AA in Alcohol and Drug Studies. A veteran with a monthly pension from the Veterans Administration for compensation due to my service-connected disability, I have been a full time student now for several years and very active as a volunteer. I hope to serve as the Director of a Drug and Alcohol facility which is faith-based.

I have spent extensive time as a volunteer and now have several close friends and colleagues who are on the staff of the Union Rescue Mission here in Los Angeles. I have learned a great deal from them, and from our clients, the homeless men of Los Angeles, at the Mission. I could not be more engaged with issues of faith-based and inspired recovery. At Union Rescue Mission, they preach the gospel and harness its power to recover from addictions, preaching abstinence born from faith and hope in tomorrow, one day at a time.

While raised in the USA, my parents are both Venezuelan; thus, while they tried to talk to me mostly in English growing up, Spanish has always been a big part of my life. I understood it very well long before I spoke it well myself. Now, I use my Spanish everyday in my interactions with the Chicano and other Spanish-speaking immigrant populations in my volunteer position as a Social Justice Advocacy Counselor. One of my long term goals is to serve as a faculty member at either a university or Christian college teaching Theology while at the same time managing an Addictions Recovery Program open to all members of my community who are facing life crisis situations due to the consequences of substance abuse.

I have always been deeply spiritual and gravitated to the Lord. In Venezuela we attended Mass regularly at the local parish, observed all of the Catholic holidays and we volunteered as a family in a variety of church events which were held in our village. Then one day, my father came home and announced to us all that his company was relocating him to its world headquarters in New York City and was providing an apartment in the heart of the city for all of us to live in.

As an undergraduate student at XXXX State University working towards my BA in Religious Studies (2008), I became fully immersed in the study of Theology and social issues and continue this immersion until today, seeking to cultivate it as a permanent lifestyle. Both Hebrew 1 and 2 as well as Greek 1 and 2 are required language courses for the completion of the M.DIV degree at XXXX Seminary in Pasadena. At HDS, doing something like assisting Dr. Giovanni Bazzana with his research on the study of ancient writings relating to magic and witchcraft and their connections with sociocultural practices would be a dream come true. It would also be a profound honor to assist with the Religious Literacy Project at XXXXDS, perhaps engaging with Venezuela in this regard, the land of my birth now in deep crises and in need of our support and moral encouragement in the North.

I appreciate the broad array of course offerings within and through the XXXX Divinity School’s THM Program. XXXX seems to me to be the optimal platform for a theologian and minister seeking to excel as the Director of a faith-based Drug and Alcohol Program; especially since the greater Boston area also offers a plethora of internships and faith-based resources devoted to drug and alcohol recovery.

I want to give my life to spiritual leadership and to do everything that I can to reduce and prevent the suffering that results from substance abuse. A Chess player and a member of several reading clubs, I currently serve as the Secretary of a Veterans Support Group called "XXXX" based out of Los Angeles Temple Street Veterans Hospital. As well traveled as I am read, I have spent many months each exploring Germany, France, Italy, and Greece in addition to Venezuela and the USA.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX Divinity School.


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I hope to be accepted to your distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Religion at XXXX University because I see your program as the best fit for my interests, spanning three distinct areas of inquiry: Religion, Sociology, and Social Work. I have received a scholarship from the Indian government for my Master’s Studies in the United States because I am a competitive candidate for a professional lifetime devoted to research into the nature, patterns, and forms of progressive social change in my country, India. I plan to earn a Master’s Degree that is focused on ways that we can go about building a more just and equitable society in India as elsewhere, eventually being able to recognize the basic human rights of dispossessed and destitute populations and provide them with the  basic amenities required by human dignity.

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