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The Global Business Executive MBA

Business as Human Salvation: The Personal Statement of Purpose for Business School.

At the center of my own interest in business stands the concept of ‘socially responsible’ business practices. Over the course of the last 15 years or so that I have been dedicated full time to drafting personal statements or statements of purpose for admission to programs of advanced study, the importance of business, particularly large corporations, assuming responsibility for their actions and actively promoting community responsibility, even progressive social advancement, has become widely recognized. This is now the new mainstream line of thinking in the business world: what is good for the community, in short, is also good for business. As a result, if I were to help you with your statement for admission to a business program, I would do everything that I could to portray you as someone who would be a highly responsible member of the business community, someone who is highly sensitive to social issues and the importance of the business community giving something back to the broader society.

I would be honored by the opportunity to help you with your Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose for graduate or advanced professional study in business. Together, we will be building a new tomorrow for us all through the promotion of community friendly business practices world-wide. My service is highly international and I help applicants from all over the world. With each statement that I draft, I emphasize the strong points of each candidate, especially those unique qualities and experiences that allow you to stand out from the crowd and point to the important contributions that you are uniquely qualified to make to economic development over the long term. In most cases, you need an extremely well written statement in order to be accepted. For this reason, I feel strongly that my service is an excellent investment for you to make in your future.

I see MBAs as the motors of the world; thus, it is a special honor an privilege to help you to get accepted by providing you with what I like to think of as the finest editorial assistance on earth.

What can I say? It is perfect! Thanks a lot for your interest and hard work.

Tan (Application for Master’s in Business Administration, February 2011)

I would like to thank you and your team for producing a great statement, it was just what I needed.  You and your team have, once again, done an outstanding job and it’s important that you know that you have
made a difference in my life and many others I am sure.  I hope you all know how appreciated you are and that you guys are difference makers.

L.A. (Application for corporate scholarship, January 2011)

I help applicants for admission to advanced degree programs in Business, BBA, MBA & DBA who are striving to live and work in responsible ways, and to help create financially healthy companies in the process, achieving success in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities and the environment. I have helped applicants to business programs from all over the globe, students with special interests in a diverse range of topics, including health care practices, business and professional procedures, new information technologies and environmental issues. It will be an honor for me to help you draft your statement, focusing on your noble, socially responsible, long term goals for the future, your lifetime contribution to the enhancement of our global business community.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the PHD in Finance, Hungarian Applicant

I was born in Hungary in 1981 and we moved to Norway when I was 6 years old. In 1999, my family permanently relocated to the United states where I have been busy pursuing my education, earning the Masters Degree in 2010 in applied mathematics and statistics with a focus on finance, particularly futures, options and derivatives pricing. My Master’s Program helped me to greatly mature and to develop many new skills, building upon the foundation provided by my Bachelors Degree in Economics, which I earned in 2008, and my Bachelors in Finance and International Business (2005). As I have progressed through my studies here in America, I have become increasingly engaged with the field of educational development and the crucial role played by finance. Among my greatest assets are my language skills: fluent in Norwegian, Hungarian and English, I can carry on a conversation in both Swedish and Danish and I have also studied 5 years of German.

I believe that a strong case can be made that business is our best hope for addressing the many problems and overcoming the many challenges faced by humanity, everywhere on the globe. Thus, I help you to develop an articulation of your goals that is eloquent, and demonstrates the nobility of your unique cause, your dreams for your future in business.

Business & Ethics

As someone with a PHD in Religion and Social Ethics, I have long been most interested with the aspects of corporate governance which fall generally under the category of 'social responsibility'. I am committed to encouraging high quality interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching in practical and professional ethics by educators and practitioners who appreciate the theoretical and practical impacts of their subjects. I seek to promote ethical practices in business and advocate the need for ethics as part of business courses, providing a forum for ethicists to discuss and exchange ideas on teaching, training and consulting in the field of business ethics.

Thank you so much for your help with my statement. It looks absolutely great.

(Application for Master’s degree in Finance, February 2011)

The Humanitarian Side of Business

Where as many old-timers claim that business equates capitalism, the world of business is now changing. Startups are getting greener, more sustainable, outsourcing widely and the nonprofit sector is growing faster than the private sector. In fact, it’s grown from £7bn ($9.9bn) a year to £40bn ($56.6) a year over the span of one generation.

What’s more, according to the UK newspaper, the Guardian, MBA graduates are in demand from charities and NGOs. If you’ve studied marketing, economy and planning, strategy, governance and corporate finance at Master’s level, you could snap up a job that pays upwards of £70,000 ($99,000) at a charity in the UK.

In his article in the Guardian, Stephen Hoare states that most of the biggest international NGOs., like Oxfam, Unesco and Save the Children, hire post graduates, because they can act as an accountant, an economist, a planner and a marketing expert rolled into one, but charities who can’t afford an MBA look for interns and volunteers. This could be a great way to investigate what this type of work is like to do in practice, before you apply to do your MBA. Alternatively, get your Masters first and you’ll be prepared to get your hands dirty off the bat.

If you’ve just recently finished your degree in business, you could get involved in a wide range of activities internationally within the niche of your choosing. The sky is the limit, as most organizations could do with some extra guidance from a business professional.

Take Africa as an example. Look online at positions related to business, and you can find posts like Business Support Manager at Oxfam GB in Chad, Assistant to the General Manager at Spie Libya, Country Director of the WWF in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Community-Oriented Policing Advisor at AMEX International Inc. in Morocco. There are a lot of opportunities in that region.

If you’d like to head towards South America, or travel south from the USA, exploring and working in different regions, you could look at jobs like the Regional Trust and Foundations Manager Americas at Amnesty International in Mexico, Andean Regional Manager for Fundación Capital in Colombia, or any similar post.

Alternatively, perhaps you’d like to study a Masters course that incorporates modules that relate to your passion for humanitarian work. The Webster Vienna Private University, for example, offers an MBA with Emphasis in International Relations, in Austria. This course includes all the subjects you’d expect from an MBA, like production operations, strategic management, economics, accounting, marketing and finance. However, it also includes detailed study of the processes and complexities inherent in the relationships between institutions of international governance, and the examination of the dynamics, structural characteristics and humanitarian issues related with the global community. This could provide the perfect backdrop to your future humanitarian business career.

If you’re interested in how you can make a difference in today’s intricate global economy, understanding how global relations issues such as international conflict resolution, sustainable economic development and humanitarian relief can be blended with business is mighty useful. The Master of Arts in Global Affairs & Management degree provides this specialized mix of international affairs and global management. You’ll focus on managing organization from a global perspective, global theory, global accounting and global marketing; global decision-making under uncertainty, negotiating across cultures, and many more subjects that could set you up perfectly for your chosen field, and allow you to choose from virtually any horizontal or virtual niche.

Way down under, at the University of Adelaide, Australia, there’s a fantastic Masters in International Trade and Development, if you’d like to study current international trade and investment issues, the political dynamics of the negotiating environment, the opportunities and challenges businesses are faced with today when operating in the globalized economy. The program is designed to give you a competitive edge with its interactive case-study training of how business and government interact in trade negotiations, leverage commercial opportunities from trade agreements, and the practical legal and commercial aspects of export marketing and business.

If you’re more of an environmental business type, the University of Denver, Colorado, USA might be right up your alley, with its M.Sc. in Environmental Policy and Management (Concentration in Energy and Sustainability). It’ll prepare you to confidently move into the dynamic industry of energy and sustainability, which is growing in importance and popularity everywhere. While you’ll establish a solid foundation in energy and sustainability concepts, you’ll also learn to integrate environmental systems, put policy into practice and develop excellent, effective sustainability plans. Choosing this program will prepare you perfectly to combine your undergraduate business knowledge with this modern, practical energy and sustainability know-how, making you extremely employable within the environmental and sustainability niche within the nonprofit sector. You could even go on to start your own nonprofit venture.

To keep it broad, what about the University of Geneva’s M.Sc. in International Management? This Swizz institution starts the degree in 2017, and it will last for 1 year and 6 months. The new faculty’s core values include strengthening ties with the businesses, international and humanitarian organizations and institutions in Geneva and the surrounding region. For more information about this program, check them out online at

Premium Statement Service by Dr. Robert Edinger

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Statements of Excellence in Business Administration

Indian Applicant to MBA Program Sample 1st Paragraph

I like to think of myself as multifaceted, very progressive and cosmopolitan Indian woman. I am a librarian devoted to public service; but I am also a business woman in the way that I think and the aspirations that I have for the future. The University of XXX is my first choice for study towards the MBA for a variety of reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program, it breadth, depth, global thinking, and appreciation for diversity. I spent nearly 3 months in New Zealand, visited your campus, and came away with a vast appreciation for your society, culture, and state-of-the-art business development. There is so much that I would be able to learn in New Zealand if accepted to your MBA Program; enriching me and helping to improve Indian society and business practices as a result of learning and implementing the strategies that I learn in New Zealand.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the MBA Degree, Applicant from Africa

Born in Africa and raised mostly in Belgium, I spent years working for ING Bank and had achieved a most comfortable lifestyle. Probably the strongest aspect of my application to your distinguished MBA Program at XXXX University is my effort on behalf of my continent of origin. In my next professional position with the African Development Bank’s Evaluation Team, I soon found myself on missions to remote parts of the Congo, Ghana, the Ivory Coast and several other countries. Most of the parts of Africa that I visited in my position had been devastated by civil wars, political instability and declining infrastructure. The slogan popular throughout this time “Rising Africa” often seemed quite far from the reality on the ground, at least as I experienced it.