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MBA Masters, Leadership, Management

For over a decade, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my chosen career. I am a manager, an implementer, and a problem-solver and have been entrusted with, at times, millions of dollars worth of contracts. I feel I have exhausted every possible avenue of promotion and experience within my academic boundaries, and the time has now come for my career, company, and family to take the next logical step. Entering the Executive MBA Program at XXXX University will equip me with the requisite tools to become an integrative leader for the betterment of my company and the security of my family. While these past eleven years in management have provided me with one next and thrilling challenge after another, I crave those that come with broader and higher responsibility.

Leadership and management have come naturally to me. For years, in my spare time, I have coached sports for kids of all ages with the Police Athletic League and Optimist Football. My innate drive led me to become Head Coach. It's not the title that is of the most significant import for me: it's reaching out to these kids, on and off the field, being that person who could maybe help them to choose the right path in life. Growing up in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood taught me the value of having someone to look up to, a guiding hand to help keep me focused and driven.   Whether it is with a team of my kids on the soccer field or my team that's product testing for XXXX, absolutely nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my team going out there, giving it their all, and excelling in what I have guided them towards. XXXX University has a reputation for creating a learning environment that is energized by outstanding faculty and staff. I feel I would benefit greatly from the challenge and opportunity to learn how to focus on the challenges of doing business at the next level.

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