MBA Masters International Business

I feel strongly that I am a good match for your program because of the way that my interests are mirrored by the dedication of your program to the development of student ability to apply integrative knowledge and personal skills to real business problems especially on an international level. As the current Internal Sales Manager for all of North America for a European-based company called XXXX, I have increasingly become fascinated by the challenges of doing business across borders. It is here, the international aspect of business that I find most challenging, intriguing, and attractive. But I need your program at XXXX to help me understand the theoretical aspects of the pragmatic realities of the challenges facing international corporations. You can provide me with the intellectual tools that I need to become the best that I can be as an international corporate manager.

Looking forward to someday becoming the CEO of a corporation that does business throughout much of the world, I have much to learn in your program. For a fraternity boy, I am especially hardworking, dedicated to school, serious, and, perhaps most importantly, compassionate for those less fortunate in life the poor, those who have their roads to advancement blocked by unjust economic and political structures. I see myself increasingly as not only an American, but a citizen of the world. I especially look forward to an in-depth study of corporate social responsibility. As president of my fraternity (Kappa Alpha) I organized all of our philanthropical activities and raised a lot of money for a variety of charitable organizations. I am a kind man who longs to do business with warmth, friendship, honesty, and especially compassion. I do not want power to be able to exercise it. I want it to be able to help people.

My central convictions, principles, and goals in life include advocacy of the proposition that conducting business in a socially responsible way is the most profitable way to run a corporation, especially over the long term. I am mature for 25, and have finely refinedcorporate management skills with an international company. I look forward to becoming an asset to your program at MSU because of my profound sincerity, curiosity, and intense drive to make the world a better place to live for all of us, through economic development led by the private sector.

I am a cosmopolitan man, well read and well traveled having seen most of Europe since my company is based in Copenhagen. Thus, I look forward with keen anticipation to sharing experiences and strategies with my teachers and peers from around the world, working together to make our global village a kinder, softer, and more comfortable place to live for people of all nations: through increased efficiency of international corporate management and respect for the need for social responsibility. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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