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Sample 1st Paragraph, PHD Degree in Sociology, Kuwait

I am a student of sociology from Kuwait with an undergraduate degree from my home country and an MA Degree in Sociology from XXXX University London (UK) 2008. My long term goal is to teach sociology at Kuwait University, a position for which I need to earn the PHD Degree. My first choice for continuing my studies on the doctoral level is XXXX State University because I very much admire your focus on the family as well as your comprehensive treatment of methodology.

I help as many people as I have the opportunity to help in the area of Sociology because of my sheer love or this field of study. Raised by parents who put little value on education, I began college late, at the age of 22. My first semester, I was clueless but registered for classes that sounded interesting, which included a Sociology class. That semester, my world lit up like a pinball machine, especially because I learned to think sociologically. I would go on to study mostly Religious Studies and Philosophy, but Sociology would always be with me in the way that I learned to think so long ago; and continue to think until today.

I attend to my clients in the order in which I have received their payments.

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Help with your Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School in Sociology.

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, global sociology becomes ever more important, understanding the nature of our international interactions on a scientific level. On a domestic level, sociology is helpful on a host of fronts as well. It helps us to understand why, for example, our country, the United States, is such a deeply divided nation, culture wars, conflict and tension between social classes, age groups, people of diverse sexual orientations, races, languages, etc. Sociology provides the  lens through which we can look at and understand ourselves.

Sociologists must possess a variety of skills to successfully understand that which they study. Graduate students in sociology sociological theory, social psychology, research skills and methods, statistics, and politics. But because there are many specialized areas of sociology, graduate students may also engage in coursework as varied as women's studies, gerontology, and classes dealing with legal issues

 Graduate students usually also focus on one specific area of study. This can include not only certain "geographically-bounded communities,” but also crime patterns, maintenance of ethnic and racial diversity, provision of quality social services, homelessness, domestic violence, and demographic trends in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, to name a few.

 Job opportunities include work in sociological research, teaching at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, and community-based positions, not only schools, but also hospitals and psychological clinics, as well as politics. Other options include sales and marketing, communications, and community development; in fact, the choices are limited only by your imagination and your willingness to explore all your options.

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