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MS Educational Administration California

I am applying to your distinguished MS Program in Educational Administration because I feel strongly that I am the best fit for your mission and purpose in Educational Administration at XXXX University. I live for progressive social change in the California classroom and the implementation and dissemination of our advances as a society. Furthermore, while the classroom should mirror advances made in our society, it should also be a vanguard of social change, in fact, where social change ultimately begins. Thus, I would feel most comfortable in a progressive and creative program such as your MS Program in Educational Administration at Pepperdine. I also appreciate the way in which your program combines the convenience of online study—so that I might be able to continue my present employment—with the richness of on-campus participation and experience.

I hope to earn the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential so that I can eventually become a principal of a highly multiracial middle school or high school and help to make it exemplary of our celebration of diversity in America. I see diversity as America’s greatest strength as a nation and especially true of California where I have spent my entire life. I have a great passion for character education and have been developing my capacity as a leader among my colleagues in our middle school. Completing your MS Program will provide me with the platform that I need to excel and reach my fullest capacity as a teacher and as an African-American woman who is an advocate for her students. My volunteer activities consist of working regularly at the LA Mission serving food as well as helping Habitat for Humanity and other initiatives directed at the less fortunate members of our community.

I have spent the last 17 years teaching and developing curriculums for English classes for the 7th through 12th grades. I monitor and assess students’ academic development and use this information to refine lesson plans, integrating technology into the curriculum, supplementing class lectures and developing students’ word processing and researching skills.  Utilizing internet resources to complement learning activities, I always seek to create learning environments that enhance the emotional, intellectual, social, and creative strengths of the students. Building and maintaining a positive home-to-school relationship with the parents, I forward curriculum updates and stay in touch as much as possible. Most recently, I helped to develop and served as an instructor for the California High School Exit Exam Intervention Course.  I was instrumental to the development of a school-wide leadership class and association as well as helping to develop and serving as an advisor for a number of student clubs. Participating on committees for the betterment of the school and mentoring student teachers from UCXX are other aspects of my professional agenda. I strive for constant progress as a motivator and innovator, always suspending judgment and operating on empathy. I created the handbook for our entire school last summer; undoubtedly helping me to become elected Instructional Leader of this year.

My educational philosophy is centered on teaching students to be fair and consistent because I believe these three traits are what can help develop productive citizens in our society.  I always seek to create a school climate that is an inclusive environment where all students will have the opportunity to reach their individual potential on a level playing field.  School leadership needs to have a constantly positive impact on the school climate and I seek to do this primarily by taking full advantage of internet resources. In addition to serving as a school principal after completing your program, I would also like to eventually build my own school. I look forward to sharing some of my pedagogical dreams and visions with the wonderful people who I will meet at XXXX as a result of completing your distinguished MS Program.

I thank you for considering my application.

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