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MBA Business Administration, Medical, Saudi

Growing up in a traditional Saudi family, I pursued a career in which a woman would be afforded a greater amount of respect and mobility within the community. Dentistry was an excellent outlet for my compassionate nature, and I excelled in the sciences and mathematics. Even as a little girl, I always dreamt of owning a business. Whether one finds it palatable or not, a dental practice is also a business. In the most practical terms, having worked in a dental practice I have been given a sound business education in how to market a business, handle payroll, budgeting, scheduling, and auditing. In addition, much like my desire to pursue an XXX, this is a calculated risk I am taking, one that requires specific steps, including an academic relationship with XXX University. This is not a decision I make likely, and have indeed had a very successful career in dentistry, albeit, my career in the medical field has become only slightly better than a means to an end. My love and compassion for animals is a fire within me, a passion that has found its outlet, one in which viable plans have been developed.

At this point in my academic and professional career, I am intent upon conducting graduate work in the area of entrepreneurship. The impetus for my change of direction is due to the necessity of acquiring the skill set necessary to bring my business plans to fruition. Equipped with an XXX, I will able to embark upon and realize my dream of becoming a successful business owner, specifically of a chain of pet supply stores in XXX, with ideally one store location in every major city. In addition, I envision using my medical experience to develop a state-of-the-art animal hospital with general and emergency services, staffed with like-minded veterinary professionals who truly care about the well-being of animals. Building on the success of my pet supply stores, I will be financially outfitted to establish a non-profit animal shelter the first of its kind in XXX for abused and abandoned animals. Educating the community about animals, emphasizing the joy they can bring to our lives and the proper maintenance of our relationship with our companions means not just having happier pets, but our responsibility to the earth, that we share this world with the animal kingdom, with neither being more important or more integral than the other.

While the Saudi market is growing rapidly and business is literally booming, it is interesting to note that my educating myself in the US is the ideal for developing a business in XXX. Even as there are no physical barriers to a woman owning a business in Saudi Arabia, there are many social and cultural barriers, even with contemporary alterations of rules and regulations, attitudes and traditions are not changed so easily or quickly. Through my endeavors, I hope to become a role model for young Saudi women, an example of how anything is possible through hard work, determination and the right education.

I bring to XXX's student body a worldview that has been developed through experiences that many will never have in an entire lifetime. Thanks to my father being a diplomat, by the time I was twenty I had lived and been educated in six countries spread across three continents. Aside from my competence in two languages, I have developed the ability to communicate effectively with people from myriad backgrounds, creeds and cultures. Moreover, I have an academic foundation that has emphasized a number of critical skills that will aid me invaluably in my XXX pursuit, namely highly refined research acumen, attention to detail, accuracy and the application of theoretical knowledge to practical life situations. And the obvious correlations of my medical background will translate easily to the needs of a veterinary hospital, non-profit animal advocacy group and commercial pet supply endeavors.

XXX is my sole choice for academic development. I was struck by the school's emphasis on responsible leadership. In this age of fraud and underhanded accounting procedures, I will bring a new phase for business by my example and practices. Additionally the flexibility of the program, and the ability to exchange my years in dentistry for comparable years of experience in the field of business made XXX's program the ideal fit for me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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