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PHD Construction Mgmt & Environmental Science

I am a young Saudi Arabian who has been building everything that I can get my hands on ever since I was a child. Even my social life is made up mostly of people with related interests. I never get tired of talking about construction, especially in wood, and the exploding possibilities in science and technology that enhance opportunities for engineered wood products and the cross or overlap with the larger building industry. I have a special interest in tropical timbers and there use in my home country of Saudi Arabia, in terms of wood anatomy and ultrastructure as well as wood treatment. This is why XXXX is my first choice for graduate study, because these areas of greatest interest to me are all emphasized by your program.

I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, one of the most beautiful coastal cites in the Middle East. I have a profound love for nature, an environmentalist who believes in caring for our planetary home through the encouragement of sustainable development. I am deeply concerned with environmental issues, especially the way in which our global society is losing our timber resources at an alarming rate without replenishing the supply, particularly in Africa. My passion for building led me to work towards a Master of Science in Construction Management at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken NJ.

I will graduate this coming July, 2008 and would then very much like to begin studying in your program. I have a special passion for the way in which building design in wood blends in with the landscape. Your program is my first choice because of your integration of construction management with management of the environment. I look forward to dedicating the rest of my life to Green Building. Sustainable construction is the center of my world and what I generally think about even in my free time.

My country (Saudi Arabia) is enjoying a construction renaissance these days as a result of high oil prices. One of the central pillars of a multi-pronged government strategy is to invest much of this money in construction works that are geared to fomenting long-term strategic development goals. Attaining a doctoral degree in your program will hopefully enable me to play a central role in this revolution always struggling to preserve our environment at the same time that we foster increasing development for the economy overall. I love my country very much and I look forward to doing something for my people by working to educate the construction industry as a whole concerning the importance of green initiatives and safeguards. I look forward to working on the cutting edge of the employment of new construction technology in accordance with the implementation of environmental protection mechanisms. Green building is still in its infancy in Saudi Arabia.

And the policies that are developed over the next decade or so will have a profound impact on our ability to preserve the environment. The mistakes that will be made or the failure to find the courage as a society to adopt bold and very costly measures so as to protect our environment and literally lay the foundation for our future will determine to what extent our children and grandchildren will be able to continue to develop and remain competitive in a global economy, especially in a post-oil driven world. Saudi Arabia is like a drug addict with its oil and faces drastic long-term challenges to readjust to cleaner technologies, especially solar. I look forward with great enthusiasm to participating in the exciting decision making process of discovery and difficult choices that will have to be made.

For me, the personal, the professional, and the political are all intertwined and I am very much engrossed in how the political process is playing out in my country and the very real opportunities that exist for adopting bold measures in coming years to protect our environment. To the best of my ability and with the help of the marvelous education that I hope to receive in your program, I will struggle for the rest of my life to make all of Saudi Arabia's cities Green Cities. It is time for Saudis to begin taking very seriously the need to search for and adopt alternative building solutions that are both economically viable and environmental friendly it can be done so we do not jeopardize the future of children to enjoy this planet as we have.

I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for your program as a result of both my education and professional experience. I gained 4 years of experience in one of the leading construction companies in Saudi Arabia and I am the owner of a company specializing in both building and landscape design. I obtained a full educational scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia and I have also had the privilege of attending numerous exhibitions. I am a member of various professional organizations and very dedicated to hard work so as to reach my goals, for my family, my country, and most importantly the natural environment of coming generations.


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