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MA Masters School Counseling, Human Development

For the past seventeen years, I have maintained an academic and professional commitment to linguistics and teaching excellence. While I have welcomed each new challenge, I have come to realize that I gain greater personal and professional satisfaction tipping the scales in favor of Hispanic and Latino children struggling with acculturation. It is my belief that by impressing upon immigrant youth their place in America's rich tapestry of cultural diversity, the pace of their acculturation is bolstered by feelings of self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Moreover, in recent years I have seen a growing need in Washington, D.C. area schools for bilingual counselors who are not just fluent in two languages, but can sympathize emotionally and psychologically with the immigrant experience. In this regard, I have a great deal to offer. While I was born in the US, I spent ten formative years in Brazil, an experience that immersed me in a completely new language and culture.

Through the faculty of the graduate School Counseling program, I will have the unique opportunity to increase my depth of understanding of issues facing immigrant youth, particularly those from socio-economically depressed backgrounds, many of whom are at-risk of dropping out of school. Additionally, my interests include examining the effects of cultural adaptation and language development on adolescent's development.

Completing a graduate School Counseling program, I will be equipped to bring my ambitions my dreams to fruition. Post-graduation, I envision increasing my exposure as a bilingual high school counselor, and use my position to facilitate youth's acculturation, empowering children to adapt and flourish. Children's parents also need guidance, particularly in keeping their children focused and in school, and thus, need guidance navigating the US educational system. I anticipate developing creative and effective workshops that will aid in these aims. It is my hope that as a Hispanic woman, I will inspire others to maximize their potential and give back, as active community participants.

Aside from my fluency in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English, I bring with me a solid foundation in XXX, bilingual education, as well as Spanish linguistics, coupled with over a decade of teaching experience. My educational experiences are as international as my travels across four continents, and included study abroad programs in Ecuador and Mexico. More importantly, my commitment to the community is evident in my active volunteerism through my church.

As an educator, students have frequently sought me out, sharing their experiences and struggles. The trust they show me, and the rewards of helping them, brings me a sense of accomplishment that goes beyond anything I ever felt in any profession. While I have given all that I am in my work, these unique experiences have left me wanting to do that much more.

XXX is my sole choice for scholastic development. The quality of the school, the breadth and autonomy of the school counseling program, diversity of student body, and access to resources are all reassuring of unsurpassed educational experience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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