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MA Educational Leadership, Navajo Indian

I am eager to break and, frankly, shatter the glass ceiling that society has set for how Native Americans are typically viewed. I truly believe I can make a difference. With almost a decade of solid work experience as a teacher and the limits that I have set for myself, know no boundaries. I have taught many students over my career so far and can definitely help and motivate them to become better themselves. Teaching is an ideal profession to help others determine and reach their potential.

At this point in my career, I feel I have exhausted every possible avenue of challenge at my current academic level and am seeking additional training to become a more prolific leader for the Native community. I have only applied to Penn State as they specialize in funding given to qualified and motivated Native Americans. Overall, I anticipate a program that will guide me towards social justice in the XXX century. The school itself will provide outreach opportunities that will give me an edge in the field of Education Leadership.

At the heart of my career aims is my unswerving desire to help my students learn and better themselves, motivating them to become positive contributors to society. I would describe myself as being persistent, patient, and a very hard worker and seldom take no for an answer. In order to be more successful in helping others, I need to increase my grasp of an understanding of the fundamental areas of Educational leadership, such as administration, planning, organizing, and refine my existing leadership skills.

While I would love to teach in an effective environment where everyone (students, teachers, administrators, and principal) contributes to the learning process, I recognize that this is highly unrealistic in today's environment. There is simply a great deal of distractions including TV, cell phones, IPods, etc. The classroom and teaching represent a challenging career. However, what many call the pressures of the job, I find invigorating, and I look forward to each day with great eagerness. No child, no student, is incapable of learning when they remain focused and involved, completing their work not only in school, but being disciplined enough to continue the process at home, as well. Nothing brings me more personal or professional satisfaction when my students demonstrate their understanding and grasp of course material.

The ongoing issues of education among Navajo Indians need improvement. I have a dream to lead the Navajo people into the XXX century of education, breaking stereotypes that have plagued the Navajo, descriptions such as poor, lazy, and unmotivated.

In my experience thus far, I have seen and experienced effective and ineffective principals. The majority of the ineffective principals had poor or an unsustainable set of leadership skills. In order to be a successful principal, one must be a great leader and inspire others, with a constant eye towards continuous improvement. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, more quality educational programs need to be developed, funded, and sustained. The ultimate end would be for all students, post-graduation, to go on to further education, graduate and inspire others to do the same. The Native Americans and society would be much better off to have more intelligent and intellectual people for the future and generations to follow, as active participants and role models.

In addition to eventually obtaining a masters degree in Education Leadership and participating in the Principals for Student Success XXX Program, I envision enriching my educational experience by immersing myself in such topics as organization theory, school law, negotiations, and even finance in education. One of my long-term goals is to serve the community as a superintendent, meeting objectives that measure just how well middle schools and the district are performing.

As a graduate of the University of XXX, I feel that XXX University would challenge me to do even better to attain my dreams and aspirations. The degree that I seek is meant to train educational supervisors and make me the best I that I can truly be. I take opportunities as they come, and where they do not present themselves, I create them. Even now, from my desk chair, I can see out the window, facing the only direction I have ever known: forward. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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