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PHD Educational Leadership, Saudi Woman

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, education and the English language have been my two constant companions as I have prepared myself for a lifetime of professional service. I have known for some time that I wanted to build a career in education and this is why I completed my Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. I plan to return to my native land to contribute to the advancement of our educational system. As a woman in a country where women have to struggle to achieve leadership positions, I hope to inspire generations of young women in the future to also seek and attain positions of leadership in our educational system. My personal dream is to someday serve as the Rector of a prominent Saudi University. Initially, I look forward to many years of service as a university professor and distinguished researcher in the areas of education and educational leadership.

 I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of curriculum development and Improvement and the analysis of ways that the performance of educational institutions can be enhanced in such a way as to subsequently improve student performance. I especially look forward to advancing my knowledge of quantitative research as well as my general and research skills. Thus, I keenly look forward to a rigorous course work in the vast range of theories and methodologies that will prepare me for increasingly sophisticated analyses in the future. In particular, I look forward to developing a special research interest in leadership and how to maximize our ability as educational professional to promote the training of highly successful and inspirational leaders in education. I look forward to a long and highly productive career as an educational leader myself who is able to contribute increasingly sophisticated analyses of the Saudi Arabian educational system so as to contribute to the future of my people.

 I feel strongly that both my volunteer and professional work experience have helped prepare me to excel in your program since I have had invaluable opportunities to work with a broad range of diverse groups and people from all over the world, including many specialists in the area of education. This has helped me to become familiar with the characteristics and unique challenges of diverse educational systems and given me the ability to solve problems, meet challenges and to develop a critical focus on the most effective ways for enhancing student achievement. I have also acquired valuable experience in the most effective and efficient use of available educational resources, especially in terms of staff development. I believe strongly that living life in a meaningful way requires us to aim high, setting lofty goals for ourselves and working very hard to reach them. This is why I came to America, to learn how to set challenging goals for myself and how to reach them by developing as much experience in the field of education that I can, in order to be well prepared to make the maximum contribution possible to the development of educational institutions in my native land.

 I have had a very curious nature since childhood, having always loved learning for its own sake, even if it required a great deal of effort. This is why I decided early on to devote my professional life to the study of education. I am a very active and highly efficient young woman who has always been willing to openly defy those aspects of my culture and political system that attempt to limit the progress that a woman can make the level of professional accomplishment to which she can aspire. I am very pleased and encouraged by the way that the situation of women and girls in Saudi Arabia has improved notably over the last five years or so and I keenly look forward to supporting and broadening these trends as Saudi women march towards their full liberation and the achievement of a society in which they have equal rights with their male counterparts, despite the fact that this will be a long and arduous struggle, I remain undeterred.

 I have worked very hard to develop my leadership skills for some time, especially since high school when I participated in a lot of student councils and social activities both at school and in the larger community. I further strengthened my leadership experience at the university level where I served on the student council and spent countless hours organizing volunteer activities, especially for children with special needs and in the provision of services for orphans, helping to better organize libraries and to raise funds for their improvement. My in-depth research projects have dealt with numerous themes including theories and trends in team management, change management, motivation, and emotional intelligence. Educational administration has also been central to my research efforts,  including the broad spectrum of different educational challenges that we face. It doesn’t only deal with administration by its self but also focuses on humans and their development and most importantly education. I am very proud to have earned a full scholarship from the King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program, and I ask to be admitted to your program so as to have the opportunity to prove that indeed I merit this honor by giving my all to my studies.

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