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MS Online Masters, Educational Technology

The Technology in Education Online Master's Degree Program at XXXX uniquely suits my needs and talents. It is the optimal program for me to prepare myself to make the entire contribution to society to which I am capable. Your Internet-based online program is the ideal match for my needs, working at my pace taki, ng two courses at a time. I started the MasteMasters'sram at XXXX University, and I have received all A's in the courses I have taken so far. Frankly, It is not challenging enough for me, and I want to transfer to a more rigorous program on a higher level. I think that I am now at the point of academic maturity that I will be able to make an excellent contribution to your cohort program that meets once a month. I yearn for that more hands-on approach instead ofctly learning at my computer station. I am only applying to XXXX because I follow my heart, which is what my gut tells me to use. I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of educational technology. I like learning to incorporate technology into my daily life as a teacher. I love teaching, it is my life, and I see technology as our greatest hope for so many things, from enhancing our capacity to teach advanced mathematics to our children at home to uniting the world one laptop at a time.

My most excellent quality or asset in life is my compassion for others. I especially love children. My desire to serve led me to flirt with a medical career, and I served as a volunteer EMT for two years while in college. I also volunteered with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, where I mentored high school students at risk of dropping out. My volunteer work has made me more robust; I am now more mature, have greater self-confidence and esteem, and have become more disciplined and better at managing my time. I sincerely enjoy making daily improvements in my proficiency as a teacher and delight in inspiring my students to learn new ways to do so. I have worked for over seven years as a teacher at an elementary level. My work has always proven to be both enormously rewarding and fulfilling, especially where I have had the privilege of assuming leadership positions in educational settings. Although the joy of classroom teaching and the interpersonal interaction with my precious children continues to inspire me and intensify my passion for teaching, I feel a deep calling to participate more fully in educational administration. Thus, my short-term career goal is to prepare myself academically by continuing to study for a Masters's Degree that will allow me to assume greater responsibility in administrative leadership. The most significant contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to contribute toward bringing increasingly innovative teaching methodologies into our classrooms. I hope to see each American classroom soon providing a laptop to each student and educational instruction, even to children, via this medium.

I look forward to many decades of fulfilling service to my community as a technology specialist and consultant working to enhance the administration of our educational systems. Another asset I bring to your program is that I am an accomplished team player. This is another thing that I love about teaching and being part of a close-knit academic community struggling to incorporate technology as a teaching tool that is used by my teachers and administrators in increasingly efficient ways, enhancing coordination and collaboration of all parties involved. My short-term aspiration is to become a tech teacher in my school and eventually graduate into an administrative position at the county level.

I appreciate that the content of XXXX's program is in step with state-of-the-art electronic resources, including full-text databases. It is the ideal program for me because of your emphasis and appreciation of emerging technologies and novel strategies for their implementation. I look forward to being able to participate in small classes with a great deal of interaction and collaboration between faculty and students. I am very attracted to the idea of more individual attention and instructor feedback.

I am a young Hispanic woman who was born and raised in the New York area, but I now live in Georgia. I enjoy contributing to diversity in the place where I live. I am fascinated by human nature, which is why I completed a dual degree in Psychology and Education. I am also a Spanish teacher at my school, and I am in the process of becoming certified in this area. I have been a regular classroom teacher for seven years in grades K-2 and ESOL. I sometimes think that I have two sides to my brain one Spanish and one English. I love bilingual education and I feel that it is equally beautiful for an Anglo child to learn Spanish as it is for a little Latino to learn the language of ultimate success in America. I want to thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

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