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MA Primary Education UK, Bullying

Having grown up in a house where children have been ever-present I know the challenges that are faced when working with those who are of a primary school age. I have also have been able to develop a knowledge of the benefits of working with a group of bright, intuitive children who are beginning their careers in Education. As the son of a parent who has worked as both a childminder and a special needs assistant in a Primary School I have been able to experience firsthand the joys of working with young people who have an incredible thirst for knowledge and who are willing to develop their potential to the maximum. Applying for a Primary Education course would allow me to progress into the field of Education and help children of a Primary age progress to the best of their ability and develop into well rounded, good people. It has been reported that there are significantly fewer men within the field of Primary Education and I hope that by applying to study Education and go on to teach at this level I will provide a good male role model for the next generation.

Through my mother I have been able to experience the world of Primary Education and have had the opportunity to teach ICT on an individual basis to members of a Year 2 class. From this experience it was obvious that each member of the class was individual with regards to their learning styles and their personalities. This experience reinforced my opinion of Primary Teaching as a career in which it is possible to meet many interesting and individual characters that have brilliant imaginations, unlimited enthusiasm and many excellent ideas about the world around them.

Throughout my time in school and in sixth form I have been able to participate in many experiences that have been incredibly beneficial to my development as both a person and as a student. One of the experiences I am most proud of is my involvement with our school's Peer Support Group (PSG). The PSG is a team of 5 students, each allocated to a form of Year 7s to help them with issues that they face throughout the year. We help many students throughout the year and have helped deliver bulletins on issues such as Racism, Bullying and Homophobia within assemblies and form periods. As a result of this I have been chosen as one of two people from the Wirral to be invited to a National Cyber Bullying Conference and report back to the Wirral Healthy Schools Committee and delegates from schools across the county. As a result of my participation within the PSG I have also been chosen as a School Prefect, giving me extra duties such as patrolling and delivering speeches in assemblies. Both of these roles have allowed me to obtain skills that would be helpful to me in a teaching role.

I have been heavily involved with the school choir since I have moved from Primary to Secondary Education. This has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of what is required to work together as a group in order to achieve a single goal. Throughout my time in the choir I have performed three times a year in school concerts and have attended three musical tours to Austria, Germany and France. During my GCSE years I trained with the School Hockey team and had the ability to participate in several games for the school, allowing me to work within a team on the sporting field.

As part of my extracurricular activities I have also participated in the Young Enterprise scheme in order to further my knowledge of Business and have the opportunity to work within a close knit group. Through a majority vote I was elected as the Managing Director of our company and enjoyed leading our team throughout the year and learning leadership skills that could put me in good stead for a teaching role. I believe that the challenge of studying Primary Education at degree level would be an interesting and incredibly beneficial choice and would allow me to further my enjoyment of providing support and imparting knowledge to those who crave it most.

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