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PHD Data Mining and Information Retrieval

For over a decade I have paid very close attention to the way that information technology has increasingly come to command the highest level of priority in the corporate world. Graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science in my native Jordan, I went on to complete my MS Degree in Computer Science at XXXX University in XXXX in 1998.

 I found my true calling in life, however, with Information Science and so I earned my MS Degree in Information Systems Technology from XXXX University in 2012. I have the utmost respect and admiration for your faculty and I feel most comfortable at Georgetown; thus, I would very much like to continue my studies at the doctoral level in your PHD Program in Data Mining and Information Retrieval. Completing your program will allow me to make the highest level of contribution possible to the development of advanced learning initiatives in higher education in Jordan, where I will return to do everything that I can to contribute to the advancement of information science and system development throughout the Middle East.

Your doctoral program is one of a kind and precisely what I need to equip me with the skills and knowledge that are required for optimal performance in 21st century information systems enterprises. The wisdom that I hope to take with me from your program will provide me with a distinct edge in the competitive world of data mining and information retrieval. By completing your program, I will be able to re-align my career objectives in the most effective way possible through an integration of my to expertise in information systems and data management technology with the latest techniques in data mining and information retrieval skills. I am convinced that your rigorous program is the best platform for my launch as a professional researcher with the skills and capacity to engineer important solutions in global markets, especially insofar as the Middle East is concerned.

 Born and raised in Jordan, I relocated to the United States in 1996 to study and have continued to work in the IT field almost since my arrival. Working as a software engineer and a database engineer with increasing levels of seniority over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge at a practical level. This includes experience with database design, both logical and physical, and database administration, warehousing, and mining; always with an alert eye for business intelligence. I am an experienced application builder in several programming languages.

I hope to continue to refine my area of specialization throughout the course of my progress in your program, under your expert guiding hand.  Among my various options at this point, I find the area of information retrieval to be the most tantalizing. My central, long term goal is to make important and especially innovative contributions to a rapidly evolving information technology market and to perform cutting-edge research in the field of database systems, data mining, and information retrieval. It is my hope that the same factors which might make me attractive to your program—years of experience in database management, warehousing, software development and design, will also help me to excel not only in your program, but beyond, throughout a lifetime of creative research geared towards constant progress in innovation.

I am hard-working and highly motivated to succeed. I love living in the United States and have adjusted well to my new country. Since I have now achieved fluency in English I have great flexibility for communication and networking across all ethnic and national lines. Nevertheless, the Middle East will always be my special concern, and the prospect of publishing in Arabic is as dear to my heart as publication in English. I feel that I have a unique understanding of the dynamics of the Middle East insofar as cultural diversity is re-shaping the face of business systems, which enables me to be especially helpful to corporate sectors in the Middle East that are struggling to insert themselves and thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

I have my heart set on XXXX because I strongly believe that it has the most to offer in terms of creative invention through imagination, my profound respect for the research directions of the faculty, the academic community. I appreciate very much your consideration of my application.

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