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MIS Computer Information Systems

I have maintained over a decade of conceptual continuity in my academic and professional careers. Aside from my list of skills, experiences and abilities as a senior user support specialist with a major US university, I have been incredibly fortunate to augment my everyday experiences working alongside research specialists, giving me intimate insights into the intriguing XXXX program. Watching these talented individuals work, I was at once fascinated and highly interested in their pursuits, but later realized that not only did I possess the requisite passion to excel in the XXXX program, but also the same creative spirit that they embody.

My life, with these skills, has been incredibly emotionally and psychologically satisfying. The seriousness with which I have approached my professional work is evident in my possessing multiple professional certifications. This same professionalism will translate perfectly to a scholastic program, one in which I will be able to make invaluable contributes and insights into the applied as I place my experiences logically within a framework of theoretical understanding. Indeed, I am anxious to begin broadening my depth of knowledge in a number of key areas, including, but not limited to, database management, advanced computer networking and internet technologies.

A Masters Degree will make me that much more valuable to the university, paving my path to serving the University as a professor. Being accepted by your program would enable me to attain my long-term professional goals of teaching networking and communication in a quality university, while making significant research contributions as a database architect or strategist.

XXX is my sole choice for a graduate program because its learning environment is unparalleled; its professors are elite in terms of their wisdom and the quality of the university is unquestionable. I have had the unique opportunity to be both a student and employee of this university, aiding it as it aids me. It is my hope to continue this relationship until its inevitable terminus when I proudly graduate, walking away, over a decade in the making, serving others and my community as I have been served.

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