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MENG Masters Petroleum Engineering, Texas

Having reached a point in my career where I feel I will quickly exhaust every path of opportunity and challenge at my current scholastic level, I am eager to embark upon the next chapter of my Petroleum Engineering education. My experiences have convinced me that I am exactly where I need to be in terms of disciplines, and indeed have changed my initial interest in drilling engineering due to my FracTech field engineer experiences. I have since refined my research interests to include hydraulic fracturing, including treatment, design, evaluation of results, economic considerations, as well as natural gas production and the operations/systems thereof - reservoir stimulation and development.

By focusing on natural gas production, I will be equipped to help in bringing the US one step closer to energy independence. The US has huge reserves of natural gas and newer technologies have made it increasingly cleaner to extract, process and utilize. The recent discovery of shale formations being a major source of gas has simultaneously proven that the engineering risk is greater than the geologic, making this a very exciting time indeed to be a part of the industry.

Equipped with an M.Eng, a number of my ambitions and dreams can be brought to fruition, namely increasing my exposure within a consulting firm or through oil and gas operations management. In truth, my fieldwork experiences have been truly amazing, and have captured my imagination as to the contributions I can make as I work towards the efficient, effective development of natural gas production.

I bring with me a solid foundation in Petroleum Engineering from one of Texas premier engineering schools. Coupled with theory is the invaluable exposure I gained through two internships with Occidental and Field Engineer work. Observing operations, and different oil companies approaches to developing equivalent reservoirs, I have an appreciation for the conjunction of theory and business model. While my business trips to XXX were insightful, the area of XXX and XXX where I work, namely my experiences with experimental work at Haynesville Shale, have sparked a passion within me for specialized training in this unique energy source.

In the most practical terms, my three years of demanding Corps of Cadets training and two years as vice president and president of Chi Phi fraternity have developed my leadership, teamwork and public-speaking skills, skills that I use almost every day in my professional work. I look forward to my time with the Cockrell School with great eagerness. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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