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PHD Electrical and Computer Engineering, Saudi

I am dedicated to lifelong learning in the development of solutions to the major challenges that we face in the area of information technology. I stay abreast of developments across the spectrum of communications systems in general and I am most interested in signal processing. in particular. While I was born in Cairo, Egypt, my Nationality is Saudi and I was raised mostly in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I am hoping to study towards the PHD in Electrical and Computer engineering at University of XXXX because I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of digital signal processing along with Image and video processing. I find myself increasingly engaged as well with the new horizons opening up in Software driven Radio. I look forward to a bright future working as a consultant in the industry, in Arabic as well as English.

 I have been working in remote sensing satellite technology since my I earned my B.Sc degree and have been preparing myself for making future  creative contributions to the contributed in the design and testing of telecommunications systems on the levels of both hardware and software. . I am a fast learner who is highly adept at the use of software design tools, especially EDA's and IDE's in using new software tools. I feel strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to came up with novel methods in the design and implementations of telecommunications systems. Of special relevance for my career development was the two-and-a-half years that I spent in South Africa training in satellite systems technology. I also lived in Bristol, England for one year where I earned my MSc degree from University of XXXX. Traveling through Malaysia , Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates have also helped to shape my global horizons and understanding of the communications on a world level

 I have spent many years studying how TV systems work, two years, for example, with the National Satellite Technology Program (NSTP) at King AbdulAziz  City for Science and Technology (KACST), where I became especially adept at remote sensing satellite technology. Some of the highlight of my MSc training in Bristol included digital filters and spectral analysis, digital signal processing systems, image and video coding and my project designing an interface in VHDL allowing an embedded microprocessor (LEON3) in the Xilinx's FPGA to communicate with the unit responsible for reconfiguring the FPGA abbreviated as "ICAP", allowing the microprocessor to control the configuration of part of the FPGA. I Also did an EM analysis for an 8 GHz circularly polarized patch antenna and VHF/UHF wire antennas for satellite application and gained a lot of testing experience with Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscopes as well as measuring antenna patterns in anechoic chambers. Folliwing graduation I served as a project manager for a research project for the development of high speed ground station data demodulator for remote sensing satellite applications, implementing hardware and software in both RF and digital domains to control the carrier-recovery loop and the clock-recovery loop. I have also attended additional training courses in Microwave and RF and embedded designs using FPGAs and Microcontrollers . I especially look forward in the future to research in the field of digital signal processing. And I want to thank you for attention to my application to your esteemed program at XXXX.

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