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MS Civil Engineering, Habitat for Humanity

Furthering myself through the intensive XXX Program at XXX University is more than simply a rational progression for my education, as at my current level of education I will quickly exhaust every possible avenue of promotion and challenge. Through the XXX program, I will increase my competency in a number of key areas and develop my leadership, supervisory skills and construction management abilities, placing them logically upon the backdrop of my practical experiences in the field. XXX, I am looking forward to increasing my depth of knowledge in the areas of structural engineering, mechanics and materials science.

Indeed, my broad range of experiences with XXXX Vaccines, XXX Engineers and XXX Builders has exposed me to every stage of the planning, design and construction of pharmaceutical buildings, estimating (steel), and process piping. This exposure has taken me from the office to the job site, working at times autonomously or as a part of a multidisciplinary team. I have been exposed to issues I studied during my education, and love being able to apply theory to practicum in real world situations and all scales.

Apart from and supplementing my academics and professional career, I make time to give back to the community in a variety of ways, a practice I have kept alive since high school when I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. In addition, during my undergraduate studies, I was a XXX mentor, representing and being involved with minorities in the engineering program at XXX. With working three jobs and full-time academics, I learned time management skills through life experience and maturity.

In terms of the future, I anticipate bringing my ever-increasing theoretical understanding to the workplace, work that will inevitably lead to my becoming a professional engineer, designing structures around the globe. I envision building my portfolio of projects, and later acting as senior project manager, designing and managing the construction of structures for a growing multinational engineering company that is dedicated to environmental responsibility. To my mind, a beautiful, functional building is only as satisfying as minimizing its environmental impact. Returning to the classroom in the future is a distinct possibility, but as a professor, bringing my field experiences to burgeoning civil engineers.

In the most practical terms, my unique bicultural background, bilingual abilities and extensive world travels have given me the ability to communicate effectively with people of differing backgrounds, traits I bring with me to enhance the quality of the student body. I feel I have developed a level of cultural competency that will prove invaluable as I work and lead teams of crafts, crews, superintendents, and supervisors.

XXX University has been my sole choice for scholastic development these past few years. I have been continually impressed by the quality of the faculty, relevance and breadth of the curriculum, autonomy of the programs and look forward with great eagerness to continuing my academic relationship and research work through the non-thesis XXX track and part-time distance learning options. This tailoring of my education is particularly appealing, and will enable me to continue my career, meeting my obligations easily and uninterrupted.I look forward to the opportunity to develop myself as a creative leader for civil engineering. There are many opportunities in the field of civil engineering and through an academic relationship with XXX University, I will be able to make that field even larger.

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