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PHD Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, IT

Having completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, respectively, I am eager to being my Ph.D. research. To date, my research, both professionally and academically is solid evidence of my patience, and ability to solve real-time problems in manufacturing. My focus for future research is firmly in robotics, cnc machines and advanced manufacturing processes. Completing my Ph.D. in mechanical/manufacturing engineering, I will be able to bring my goals my dreams to fruition, namely becoming a professor of mechanical/manufacturing engineering at a quality university with opportunities for ongoing research and publication. The ideal for my future research would be to explore viable paths to solving quantitative decision problems, equipping myself with in-depth knowledge of optimization techniques, statistical methods, and simulation. I envision my studies and research leading to streamlining present methodologies and saving valuable resources with a constant eye on optimizing decision making.

I bring with me to the student body, not only an excellent scholastic foundation, with near-perfect GPA, but also over three years experience in the manufacturing industry, one year of teaching undergraduate manufacturing and aeronautical subjects, and four years of IT experience in the US.

As a future professor, I will have the unique opportunity to expose students to relevant, current research with real-world applications. The field of Engineering is inherently multidisciplinary, and could benefit from incorporating elements from other disciplines. Through quality research programs, I will be able to devote my time and energies to making progress in these relevant and largely unexploited studies.

Your Ph.D. program and its opportunities to work with professors, as teaching assistants, being involved in the curriculum, will lay the necessary groundwork for my own burgeoning teaching ambitions. I cannot think of a more ideal environment in which to learn not only my own subject matter, but also gain invaluable exposure to a quality curriculum, its design process, implementation and management. Even within my own teaching experiences, I was not able to participate at such a level, adding my own insights into course design. However, I am certain I can work with great confidence and ease regarding the routine administrative tasks, and grading.

US universities have a reputation for being the finest in the world, with a wealth of disciplines that are genuinely career-driven. Upon researching the faculty's research interests, I find that they are a match for what I have studied, researched, including stochastic process, statistics, modeling and simulation. Moreover, I feel that I would be an excellent complement as I have interest in and some experience in a variety of fields.

I look forward to the opportunity to develop myself as a creative leader for Engineering, both for the industry and ensuring its future through teaching. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

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