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MS Mechanical, Automotive Engineering

For the past seven years, I have maintained a consistent aim in my academic career. Beginning with my time in high school, I have immersed myself in the pursuit of increasing my communication skills in English and proficiency in algebra, trigonometry, as well as calculus and computer courses. I found that my greatest strengths and enjoyment in math was in vectors, differential and integral calculus. My BS in Mechanical Engineering, introduced me to the basics, and brought focus to my research interest in the manufacturing of automobiles. At the same time I was introduced to and have subsequently become proficient in the use of many computer-aided engineering software packages as well as increasing my English technical writing and communication skills.

In order to bring my ambitions to fruition, I need to become well-versed in the assorted challenges, difficulties and needs of the automobile industry from the mechanical engineering standpoint, as well as a thorough understanding of automotive mechanical systems. I feel that I could contribute to any multidisciplinary engineering team involved in the car manufacturing planning process, perhaps as a mechanical technologist, process technologist, or mechanical designer to begin with until I am fully versed in the industry, and more able to begin a firm of my own.

I feel that I have exhausted every avenue of promotion and challenge in my professional career with my current level of education. Akron University stood out to me as I researched schools in the US. XXX U will not only educate me in the optimizing of quality automotive parts production, their manufacture and assembly methods, but also give me the invaluable technical management and supervisory skills I will need in the future firm I intend to create and run. This will be my first time out of my country, and all I have ever known, and trust that XXX U will be a wonderful and relevant experience for me, not just as a student but as an individual and burgeoning, passionate and ambitious engineer.

As a child, growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I had always been in awe of this massive complex of towering skyscrapers which seemingly defy the laws of physics, and our city's manufacturing hub that supplies most of Nigeria and exports to the world our engineered goods. Surrounded by so much technology, the airplanes screaming from our airports, the bustling and brand new bus lines, the huge network of highways which seem to draw all of Nigeria to our metropolis, I feel invigorated, excited and wanting to become a part of what makes all of this marvelous industrial progress function. Mechanical engineering was a logical choice for me, especially given my aptitudes in as described above school.

As an international student, I feel that I will add to the diversity of the classroom, increasing my fellow classmates cultural competency while increasing my own. In Nigeria, we have one view of the world, and in the US, I anticipate immersing myself in its culture and gaining an appreciation for its world view as well. In short, I feel that those I will learn with will become better-rounded as individuals from their contact with me. Combined with this is my extensive experience with the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of automobiles, GPS tracking devices, and vehicle immobilizers.I thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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