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MS, Masters Operations Research Engineering

Having reached a point in my professional career where I feel I will quickly exhaust every path of promotion and challenge at my current academic level, I am eager to begin a more precise refinement of my existing abilities and education. Specifically, I am interested in a career in which I can bring my passion for computers, mathematics, and complex problem solving to the business world and its unique set of challenges. A graduate degree in operations research engineering is a natural choice; and turning to XXX is the logical choice.

As an engineering major in college, I developed strong analytical and problem-solving acumen, but the opportunity to also explore business strategy, finance, market forces, topics I had a strong interest in as well, simply were not feasible. Completing graduate research in XXX will enable me to bring my goals and ambitions my dreams to fruition. Moreover, I will be enhancing my abilities in the above areas and more. Indeed, I am additionally looking forward to exploring foreign markets, business technology and competition. As a high-tech consultant in the XXX century, the ability to understand business on a global scale will only be increasingly valued if not expected.

While I envision, post-graduation, building my exposure in the field as a successful senior consultant or management level consultant, I also want to own and operate a manufacturing company to sell my specialized healthcare products. Having completed my undergraduate Bioengineering degree, I feel very strongly about bringing quality healthcare products to aid in the amelioration of people's lives. More importantly, I have come to understand that, no matter how good my product may be, I need to also have an excellent foundation in industrial and operational issues.

I see myself contributing to the XXX learning environment in three ways: my cultural competency, that is, my ability to communicate effectively with people of differing backgrounds. This is a skill I have developed from having been immersed in the cultures of three countries, educated in Macau, New Zealand and the US, with a well-rounded worldview that has been permanently altered by these experiences.

Secondly, with my unique academic foundation in bioengineering, as well as business, I feel that my ability to apply scientific analysis to business situations will shed light on many other students own methodologies, as I learn from theirs. XXX is intrinsically interdisciplinary, and bioengineering is as well, encompassing not only biology and engineering, but also an emphasis on mathematics and computer skills. Applying these skills my professional exposure is evident in my involvement with XXX Medical Center where I contributed my energies as a research engineer for over a year. Supporting the objectives of the XXX Radiotherapy Technologies, I worked within a multidisciplinary team composed of physicians and research fellows, working towards defining tumor positions within the human body through the use of medical imaging software/equipment. It was my job to equip participating physicians with the knowledge they needed so they could then deliver optimal cancer treatment. I accomplished this by collecting data for data and statistical analysis and consulting with physicians on results. What is more, I am proud that the data I collected contributed to future patient research. In the most practical terms, the work gave me excellent real-world practice and scenarios in which I was able to use my advanced math skills, and computer software experience, using such packages as Matlab, C++ and Labview.

Thirdly, through my own set of leadership experiences in Chemistry and Bioscience Clubs, leading projects, autonomously and through group efforts, from concept to fruition, I bring with me practical experience and leadership exposure, and the sets of lessons learned through doing, and not just classroom theory. Furthermore, my foundation in bioengineering will no doubt have certain parallels to operational research engineering, such as mathematics and modeling, formal science, statistics, and algorithms, concepts I have a good working knowledge of in academic and professional situations.

Coming from Macau, I have a worldview that is quite different from my academic peers. I do not mention this simply to increase the diversity of the student body. Completing my high school education in New Zealand, as well as living and working in Macau and the US, I developed an ability to interact effectively with not only my fellow colleagues, but since having experienced life as, basically, an immigrant, I feel particularly sensitive to the needs of many minorities; combined with this is my ability to speak three languages fluently. As a result, I am able to speak confidently in front of groups of people, and am very comfortable in my own skin while celebrating the differences that make us all truly unique.

There is a need to reach out to our diverse clients and co-workers, to understand and appreciate our differences, be they cultural or socioeconomic, an appreciation of the rich tapestry of life that we are all a part of on earth. A future consultant needs to be able to interact effectively with people of differing cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and creeds. This is critically important given the vast influx of person with varied backgrounds into business world. Given my cultural competency, I feel I will be completely adept at reaching out to my diverse clients, no matter their country of origin. This is what I bring to the student body, as well, one in which I anticipate many opportunities for group assignments, teamwork and projects.

The XXX classroom and learning environment, filled with experienced faculty and accomplished student body will enable me to share my own analyses, test others, come to unexpected conclusions and learn that much more from the collective meeting of ambitious minds. I completely embrace the fact that there is more than one leadership method, that there is ample room for improvement in my own style and what better place to learn such lessons than in the classroom, where the consequences of failure do not translate into millions of dollars lost. It is in the classroom where our missteps can be turned into learning experiences, and in study time, we can reflect on our interactions, integrating them into our own distinctive path.

I look forward to my time with XXX with great eagerness. No other school could possibly offer me the same breadth, autonomy or relevance of curriculum. XXX simply stands out from the background noise of other schools, with amazing faculty, diverse and accomplished student body combined with a conceptual continuity in delivering quality scholastic programming that is truly superlative. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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