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Ph.D. Program in Electrical Engineering, Thai

I am a Thai National, born and raised in Bangkok, and I have been extremely fortunate in being able to pursue my studies in the United States. This has given me a valuable insight into the depth and quality of education in this country and convinced me to apply for my doctorate program at Columbia. I have been immersed in the field of electrical engineering from a very early age and I seemed destined to follow this path as a career. This commitment to and love of my subject has not faltered during my studies but instead has intensified into a desire to gain an even greater understanding. I believe that the doctorate program at XXXX will provide me with an outstanding opportunity to do this. I am particularly excited by the innovative research undertaken by the faculty members which is closely related to my own areas of interest. I am looking forward to conducting my own inquiries into the theory, design and applications of antennas and electromagnetic waves and their related fields

I am, at present, a lieutenant in the Thai Navy with five years work experience behind me. I am very proud of this position and see it as an opportunity to give back to my country in a practical and rewarding manner. Through the Navy I was granted a full scholarship to study for my Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of XXXX. Once I had successfully achieved this I was committed to return to Thailand and take up my naval post again. This allowed me a chance to gain invaluable hands on experience for four years. I supervised a team of naval experts charged with the overhaul and replacement of electrical cabling on ships of the Thai Navy. This was exacting work not only due to the complexities that make up a naval ship but also because the scheduling and time allocation were extremely precise and all deadlines had to be met. This thoroughly tested both my leadership skills and my knowledge of engineering and has proved to be a valuable experience.

Most importantly, my time away from academia had not blunted my thirst for knowledge and in 2009 I applied for and received a full scholarship to further my studies in the United States. I will complete my Masters in Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute in New York this coming December. At the same time I have volunteered to work on the RFID Research Project with XXXX Systems Company here at the XXXX. This is not a requirement for my masters but it involves an area of electrical engineering that has always intrigued me and I want to broaden my knowledge of electromagnetic waves and antenna design. Earlier this year, I worked with Professor XXXX on his project involving c-programming on CC430 (from Texas Instruments) and designing an antenna. The project’s ultimate goal was to integrate a small circuit board and an antenna into a dental appliance that can read the user’s body temperature and transmit this information to a PC. It is the practical application of science that has always fascinated me.

My long term goal is to return to Thailand and to take up a professorship at the Royal Thai Naval Academy. This will allow me to repay the trust that has been placed in me by giving me the opportunity to teach another generation of young Thais who will hopeful become the future of our country. It will also afford me the possibility to continue my own research into advancements into electromagnetic applications and devices. I have always been an avid student and very much devoted to my chosen field. Even though I was born and raised in Thailand, I have already been studying for a total of six years in the United States and I consider that my English is very good. My application to earn my Ph.D. at XXXX is based on both the exceptional quality and scope of your program and also on my own desire to extend my knowledge of electrical engineering as far as I can. I want to constantly challenge my own understanding and continually strive to learn more.

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