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PHD Mechanical Engineering, Iran

As a child growing up in Iran, I had always been in awe of this massive complex of towering skyscrapers, our famous Milad tower, like Toronto's Space Needle, which seemingly defies the laws of physics, and our city's manufacturing hub that supplies most of Iran and exports to the world our engineered goods. Surrounded by so much technology, the airplanes screaming from our four airports, the bustling metro, and the vast network of highways which seem to draw all of Iran to our metropolis, I feel invigorated, excited, and want to become a part of what makes all of this marvelous industrial progress function.

Quieter times, even from a very young age, would find me playing chess with friends and family. My mind seemed in tune with the game, being able not merely to anticipate moves but to perceive the potential in numerous arrangements of pieces. I found myself memorizing where the details were and seeing the patterns laid out in my mind's eye, remembering them, and being able to play from these recollections even months later, manipulating them and letting them evolve.

Being born into a family that has always encouraged utilizing to the fullest extent our inherent gifts, I have succeeded in every academic venture I have undertaken. I have adopted my parent's standards of how to conduct yourself in life, be disciplined, be persistent in your pursuits, and work hard at everything you do. I have an inquisitive nature and enjoy challenges and mysteries. I resolved to take on the intellectual difficulties Mechanical Engineering offered and dedicate my life to this pursuit.

For the past seven years, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my academic career. Beginning with my time in high school, I have immersed myself in the pursuit of increasing my communication skills in English and proficiency in algebra, trigonometry, as well as calculus, and computer courses. My greatest strengths and enjoyment in math were in vectors, differential, and integral calculus. My BS in Mechanical Engineering, along with being introduced to the basics, focused my research on designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds. At the same time, I was introduced to and subsequently became proficient in using Abaqus, Solid Work, AutoCAD, Mastercam, Ansys, and Matlab software packages, as well as increased my English technical writing and communication skills.

Indeed, my research team and I have already published an article in fracture mechanics, Predicting the Fracture Mechanics Parameter (C*) in Compact Tension Specimen Using Artificial Neural Networks. In addition, I am preparing a manuscript entitled, The C* Parameter in Compact Tension Specimen using the Finite Element Method. During my research, I found that my partners often turned to me for advice and trust in my decisions. Whether it was my focus, drive, or personality, I see that I have a future in a leadership position, possibly overseeing the operation of an extensive system. I understand that Ph.D. candidates will become future industry leaders, research, lead seminars for the betterment of the industry, and teach future engineers. I have a solid foundation in all of these areas.

I am utilizing the latest technologies. XXU will aid me in narrowing my focus yet again to determine my path or paths in the Mechanical Engineering world, be it R&D, manufacturing, systems management, or a combination thereof. Wherever I choose to go, I will be fully equipped to make a difference. Any relationship requires to give and take, and I feel I bring much to the equation, not the least of which is my cultural competency formed from personal experiences in my homeland, a place rich in its tapestry of cultures and customs. I thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to a personal interview.

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