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MA Political Science, History, Sociology

In 2003 I completed my HIGCSEs in Pretoria; the city I lived in for 12 years of my life. I had dreamt of studying in Britain since childhood; this motivated me to gain international qualifications through home study, which in turn helped me to develop my own study style and ethic. So in 2004 I left home and moved to Andover, Hampshire where I took A levels in English Literature, Biology and Chemistry to add to the English, History, Economics and Biology qualifications I'd attained in SA. I currently work to support myself, and lodge with a family from my church.

Reading about history, economics and sociology has opened the world for me, and strengthened my interest in development on an international level. This interest originates in my experience of growing up in an emerging economy with many third world characteristics. Studying macroeconomics gave me insight into a new dimension of factors that affect nations, and helped me to further understand how countries impact eachother. Reading modern world history gave me insight into how today's governmental structures and ideologies evolved. Fitting these puzzle pieces together has been very exciting to me. I studied A level Biology to further explore practical ways of becoming involved in third world development. I looked at the work of international organisations such as the WHO, and became aware of the need for insight into the local political, sociological and cultural climate before attempting to enforce or apply solutions.

Studying isn't the only thing in life that excites me. I am a very keen rock climber and hiker, climbing twice a week and often embarking on outdoor adventures. I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in January this year. I hiked up Ben Nevis and then from Fort William down to Glasgow in August. I enjoy travelling and am privileged enough to consistently do so, having visited 21 different countries in my life. I am planning to travel further during my gap year; at the same time I will be acquiring further work experience. This year I hope to take a part-time access course in A level History. I've loved reading since childhood. I read fantasy, adventure, classics, and non-fiction. I enjoy Jane Austen, Sophie's World' by Jostein Gaarder and 'Gods, Graves and Scholars; The Story of Archaeology' by C.W.Ceram. I have a huge appetite for learning and absorbing more. I read articles from 'Time' magazine, 'The National Geographic' and BBC, and I use the internet to read around my areas of interest. Listening to music is essential to me; I listen to classical music and a variety of rock continuously. I enjoy art and drama. I speak Afrikaans and French. I enjoy critical and analytical writing. I like cooking. I am a passionate Christian, very much involved in my church community.

I soundly enjoyed my academic studies and have often expressed the desire to be an eternal student. I am highly focused, disciplined and enthusiastic. I am well organised, with life experience to back me up. I have also become adaptable, having moved several times both recently and generally. I am magnetised by challenge. I am logical and analytical. I have an advanced understanding of myself and have emerged as an individual. I sincerely believe that I have an extraordinary drive and commitment to bring to my studies, and that my mature, hungry attitude cannot disappoint you.


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