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PA MS Masters Physician Assistant, Adult Daycare

Growing up in rural South Carolina, healthcare services were truly inadequate. While many skilled professionals offered excellent medical care, our community lacked healthcare options, facing the realities of limited transportation, income and health insurance. At home, my mother's battle with breast cancer underscored the dire need to address healthcare disparities.

A graduate Physician Assistant program will bring credence to my research and desire to address rural women's health. Upon building my exposure, I envision practicing in rural South Carolina, bringing positive healthcare outcomes, preventative medicine, and hope.

I bring with me a foundation in Chemistry coupled with healthcare shadowing in various set-ups, such as an ER, Dermatologist's office, and my Personal Care Assistant work in adult daycare. While academics taught me the body's functions, my volunteer/shadowing experiences brought insights into the responsibilities and expectations of medical professionals. Furthermore, direct-patient experiences taught me an invaluable interpersonal lesson: although education and skills are critically important in treating patients, a kind word can be equally important as performing diagnostic care.

As a mom, I have learned to interpret and rely upon body language, physical changes and my patient's history to make healthcare decisions. Emergencies happen, and you have to react decisively. In other situations, patience and a gentle demeanor are needed. These strategies are not unlike those used in professional healthcare situations.

My education, life and patient-care experiences will make me a valuable addition for the graduate program. My passion for healthcare will make me flourish. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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