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PHD Degree in Linguistics, Woman from Jordan

I am a young woman from Jordan and I am writing on behalf of my application to study towards the doctoral degree in Linguistics at XXXX University. I want very much to study at XXU, in particular, because of my extremely favorable impression of your university and the outstanding research accomplishments of your faculty in my areas of special interest. I hope to be able to contribute to your research community and the diversity of your campus, learning from my peers and colleagues from all over the world as well as my professors.

My dream is to return to Jordan with my PHD from XXU prepared to become a highly effective leader in the creation of new and exciting programs in applied linguistics and language education, so that we can make more rapid progress in language instruction in Jordan and other Arab-speaking countries. I seek to provide my students with the best opportunities to learn effectively through creative curriculums developed in a way that is tailored to the learning challenges that they face as Arab speakers in a Middle Eastern educational environment. Learning English in Jordan was a great struggle for me personally, as a result of an acute shortage of competent teachers. I consider myself very fortunate to be in a position to come to the USA for a complete immersion experience and I hope very much to combine this with a world-class education in linguistics and language learning at XXU.

I completed my BA in English Literature and my MA in Linguistics in Jordan and this has helped me to become extremely familiar with our educational systems and the many challenges that are faced by English language instructors in my country as well as those administrators who make decision about the directions in which progress is or is not made. Eventually, I would like very much to establish my own English Language University or Institute so that I might have the opportunity to implement creative teaching programs that are independent of government-controlled educational programs. Most importantly, I look forward to many decades of giving my all to teaching English to Arab students and Arab teachers of English to Arab students and I am convinced that XXU’s linguistics program is the best platform for me to realize my long term goal of becoming the finest linguistics and English Language teacher that I can become.

Most of all, I look forward to teaching Syntax. I also hope to publish in this area and hope to begin with a doctoral dissertation in this area at XXU.  When I began learning English as an adolescent, I was convinced that grammar was my greatest challenge because of the way that EFL is taught in Jordan without the necessary language learning tools. Soon, I discovered the great challenge of syntax and have been giving it my foremost attention ever since. I would love to bridge core linguistics especially syntax, with language teaching and learning. Second language learners often struggle so hard with English grammar that they tend to give up and I hope to inspire students with creative curriculums and programs that make grammar and syntax more interactive, symbiotic, mutually reinforcing so as to provide Jordanian students with the vital tools of language learning and teaching. In Amman, Jordan we are desperately underdeveloped in the area of language education and my contribution is desperately needed. For some time now I have dreamed of eventually opening up my own language learning center where I might train EFL teachers utilizing the most current teaching methods and conducting research for the purposes of publishing, and the improvement of English education in Amman, Jordan.

Through time, I increasingly came to the realization that I very much wanted to prepare myself for a lifetime of research into the various language-related problems that I have observed throughout my teaching career so far in Jordan. Thus, I am presently pursuing a Master's Degree in linguistics, while at the same time I earned a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge University to be trained on teaching methodologies and instructions, developing expertise in teaching adult second language learners. My ultimate goal is to research and teach syntax; therefore, I seek to coordinate (theoretical linguistics), pedagogical content, and second language acquisition theory (applied linguistics) in my own pedagogical philosophy, always staying abreast of cutting-edge research in these areas.

My graduate courses in the MA program with its dynamic linguistic environment have equipped me with ample amount content knowledge and offered me great opportunities to explore the fundamentals of contemporary linguistic theory. This knowledge has served me well in shaping my grasp of theory and enlightened me much further in almost every area of linguistics so that I am confident that I will be able to excel in your program. My graduate education so far has also dramatically changed how I look at and appreciate language as a whole. Accordingly, my desire is to further pursue and master the discipline of linguistics in its broadest sense through doctoral work, which I believe is the right platform that will provide me great opportunities in exploring the different facets of this field and to do all that I can to improve our educational system in Jordan

The educational system in Jordan lacks any comprehensive foreign language curricula, teaching methods, and very few knowledgeable teachers who are proficient in facilitating the knowledge needed to produce more students with a skillful mastery of the English language.  By obtaining a Ph.D. degree I will have achieved not only the wisdom and knowledge that I will need in order to become an educational reformer in Jordan, but I will also be able to command a position of high responsibility that will enable me to do so. I look forward to helping many new generations of students to assist them in achieving their own personal and professional goals and to not settle for less. I look forward to a lifetime of studying how language is acquired by adults in a scientific, systematic manner while focusing on those aspects of language that are of direct relevance to future language teachers who need to mediate between theory and practice in constructing pedagogies according to specific teaching-learning contexts.

Professor XXXX has been guiding me already and I hope to learn from her vast experience in the language field and her guidance for me to conduct my own research with keen attention to the structure of language. I have a passionate interest in Chomsky's work in linguistics, grammar and its relation to the gathering and analysis of empirical language data, the implications of these linguistic and grammatical paradigms for modern language study, description, analysis and pedagogy. I hope to advance in my study of Chomsky as a student of Professor XXXX at XXU.

I thank you for considering my application to your especially distinguished program. 

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