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Master Digital Library Learning, European

I was born and raised in the Philippines and later came to Norway, which I have adopted as my permanent home. I have been here for many years now; and thus I am fluent in Norwegian and have been working very hard to prepare myself for entry into your program. Ever since I was a little girl the library has been my favorite place, preferring to spend countless hours there while my friends generally watched TV or played. My second major love has been the computer and the Internet, all things digital. Thus, my central dream in life is to combine these two interests professionally and this is why I hope very much to be accepted to your highly esteemed Masters Program in Digital Library Learning.

 I want very much to devote my life to research in the area of Library and Information Science as I see this as the best way to contribute to humanity, especially those young people like myself who come from humble homes and yet are very devoted to learning.

My long term goal is to someday become a Library Director. In addition to being fluent in Norwegian and English, I also hope to someday be able to help Tagalog speakers and return to the Philippines to contribute to the organization and improvement of libraries in my land of origin and to help build educational ties between Europe and the Philippines.

 I was a volunteer for the library at my church in the Philippines, the XXXX Christian Missionary Alliance Church, and this also helped to inspire me to pursue this calling. I am a person who loves challenges and a woman of integrity. My love for God helped to inspire me to work very hard and apply myself to my studies. I have excellent computer skills—especially in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and Adobe and Photoshop. I also have strong relationship building skills and I am very detail oriented. What I love most is intensive research. I want to devote my life to developing library systems, especially in creative ways that result in greater access for common people.

 I am well traveled as well as well read. I was able to go to Cambodia on a mission trip that lasted for 3 weeks. And I have also been to Vietnam. Everywhere I go I go first to the library, my virtual home, because I see it as the center of our global promotion of literacy, my own central interest and greatest dream.

 Through the years since I graduated with a Degree in Secondary Education majoring in Library Science from the XXXX Philippine University, I have devoted my time to studying technology and literature, especially ways that people in the Developing World can have access to educational resources. My greatest hope is to be accepted to the Digital Library Learning Program with an emphasis in Librarianship at XXXX University, in cooperation with two other universities, XXXX in Estonia and XXXX in Italy.

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