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Blog posts : "Business PHD"

PHD Business Strategy & Management UK, Kuwaiti

I spent 10 years as a Senior Engineer with the Kuwait National Petroleum Company. For the past 3 years, I have been with the Kuwait Capital Market Authority, doing strategic planning along with project and performance management. Thus, I am now convinced that my professional advancement and servic…

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PHD Business, Organizational Behavior

I am especially looking forward to doing research in the areas of organizational behavior and innovation management. 10 years from now I look forward to serving as a faculty member in a University here in my native Taiwan. My greatest fulfillment in life would be to devote myself primarily to profes…

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PHD Business Administration, European

I hope to study for the Ph.D. in Business Administration at XXXX University. I look forward to contributing in creative ways to the diversity of your academic community. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, but I am well read and well traveled and consider myself a global citizen.

I look forw…

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