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Sample Personal Statement for the BSN Degree, Ethiopian

Now 24, I feel as if I have been preparing to enter a BSN program ever since I immigrated to America from my native Ethiopia five years ago. I have been very much blessed in America and given the chance to not only to be the first member of my family to ever go to college, but to do so in the USA. I have been preparing myself for your distinguished BSN Program at the University of XXXX in many ways and for many reasons. I see the greatest strengths of XXXX and the U of X to be our great respect for and admiration if diversity and progressive causes and I see this as particularly true in the case of health care in general and nursing in particular. My job at XXXX International Airport as a Meet and Assistant has helped me to become accomplished at caring for and helping with people of all ages, especially elderly people and those who are physically challenged, from all over the world, global cultures, languages, and customs. I have learned a great deal at the airport that I am confident will help me to excel in nursing school as we continue to make great strides in our celebration of diversity in nursing.

Thank you very much! The statement is wonderful! It is exactly what I was hoping for! 

LC (Application for Master’s in Nursing, February 2011)

Statements of Excellence in Nursing

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"The Rescuing Hug"

In the first week of life of this set of twins each were in their respective incubators, and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two threw an arm over her sister in a endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart rate stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.


Haiti Medical Mission

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I absolutely love this statement. Thank you so much.

K.S.  (Application for Family Nurse Practitioner Program, March 2011)

Nurses Are Special People!

I draft several eloquent and concise statements for admission to nursing school each week, and it is something that I have come to enjoy very much, take very seriously, and have gotten especially good at doing. In fact, I have spent many years investigating what makes a Statement for admission to nursing school as effective as possible, and what programs and institutions in the area of nursing are looking for in applicants: specific qualities, interests, and characteristics--all of which we will emphasize in your essay. Character is especially critical, and I will paint a truly eloquent portrait of who you are. It is all in the wording and I like to think I have a natural gift for statement expression. My exceptional strength is in the emotional eloquence of nursing. I admit that on a few occasions, tears have welled up in my eyes while drafting a statement for nursing school; it is a most enriching experience.

Ghana 2012: Nurse Joins First Medical Mission.

The Humanitarian Side of Nursing

Nurses come to the profession for all sorts of reasons. The work they do is naturally humanitarian and each nurse has their own story. Here are some stories from nurses who work or have worked with children and adults at a not-for-profit, independent community hospital in the USA on a paid or voluntary basis.

Adam´s Story

Adam King’s lifelong relationship with Mission Health began with his birth at Mission Hospital a couple of decades ago. Because he knew from an early age that he wanted to be a nurse, he sought opportunities to build and strengthen a connection with the system’s flagship hospital in Asheville, and became a Junior Volunteer at age 14.

A stint in Mission Hospital’s cafeteria landed him a paid position in Food and Nutrition Services a few years later, and the connections he built there set him on his chosen career path to care for others.

After earning his CNA credentials, Adam went to work in the Coli Critical Care Unit, a role he continued to fill while on vacation from nursing school at UNC-Charlotte.

Adam has become an influential voice at Mission Health. He continued at Coli Critical Care as a new nurse upon graduation, and his journey has since taken him into frontline nursing leadership roles. Now Adam is building on his proven ability to create connections in an innovative new position where he works to link the vision of nursing leadership with the practice of nursing at the bedside.

At Mission Health and in Asheville, Adam has found himself able to move and grow, while staying rooted in a familiar setting. He knows he belongs there. He is grateful for his colleagues and for the community they serve side by side. With deep roots and a passion for nursing and innovation, Adam has thrived.

Jeanie´s Story

Jeanie Bollinger spent 16 years working at a health system in Florida. Although she finds joy in caring for her patients no matter where they are, she always hoped she could find the opportunity to work for a larger, more progressive medical center that shared her vision on nursing leadership.

Now a clinical nurse specialist—and outdoor enthusiast—she´s fully invested. The mountain views and mild weather brought Jeanie and her husband to western North Carolina. Concerned she’d have to relocate again after obtaining her advanced degree as a clinical nurse specialist, Jeanie found exactly what she wanted right at the hospital. There, she found a nursing practice philosophy that thrives on opportunity, where nurses are valued for their vision and contributions to the profession, and the difference they make for patients and families. Once a place she and her husband vacationed, now every day is an adventure at their home up in the mountains. Relishing the fresh mountain air, hiking trails and waterways on her days off, Jeanie is in awe that she’s found a place that’s a perfect fit for her and her career.

Amber´s Story

Amber Miller knew that she wanted to be a nurse from a young age, and she’s made sacrifices to put that dream into action. Committed to becoming the best nurse she could be, Amber made the difficult decision to return to school to pursue her BSN when her daughter, was only three months old.

Her daughter Lily is now two, and Amber knows the time she’s invested in her own education sets an important example for her daughter and makes a difference to the close-knit community in and around her native Yancey and Mitchell counties.

Amber admits that some days she struggled with that decision—feeling torn between her young child and the commitment to her own professional growth.

The support of her family and her colleagues at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital has made all the difference for Amber—from her family cheering her on, to her colleagues’ willingness to trade schedules to accommodate her studies.

And because other nurses at her hospital are pursuing the same educational program, she feels surrounded by people who understand that same juggling act and appreciate the path she’s chosen.

Amber knows her small community depends on her and the team. Working in the emergency department, she wants every patient who comes through the doors to know they are receiving the best possible care.

And even though that sometimes means transfer to a larger facility, it means so much to know the care starts right here, in their home community, provided by friends and neighbors.

Amber is confident her sacrifices were for a greater purpose. She knows her daughter, husband and community are proud of her. And she is honored to be working with, and on behalf of, people as beautiful as where she lives.