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PHD Doctorate TESOL, Libya

My homeland of Libya is a country of many languages with many differing dialects of multiple origins, including Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Berber, Awjila-Sokna, Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Zenati, and Tamasheq. Growing up, traveling, being educated, and educating others in this incredibly culturally-diverse environment, I have been fortunate enough to learn and be conversant, reading and writing three languages, French, as well as Arabic and English. Furthermore, my travels to France, England, the US and South America. have shown me the wonderfully rich tapestry of languages and cultures we have on earth; and I want to explore it further.

My undergraduate education in English began in 1981 in Libya followed shortly after by a full-time intensive teacher training course of study with the English Language Institute in Guilford, England. It was my aim to become an effective teacher of English for children in secondary education. I consider this part of my career to have been the time in which I developed effective methods for conveying concepts, clearly explaining the basics of English through increasingly creative approaches, and providing extra tutoring or instruction as needed, so as not leave anyone behind.

As time went by, I increasingly came to realize that I very much wanted to prepare myself for a lifetime of research into the various language-related problems that I have observed in my teaching career. Thus, I pursued a Master's Degree is in Applied Linguistics in Liby, and went on to earn the Trinity London Certificate in TESOL at Oxford.

For the past twenty-two years, I have dedicated myself to the teaching of English as well as Arabic to groups of foreign workers in my homeland of Libya. My work with the Academy of Higher Studies has exposed me to numerous professional approaches to teaching as well as effective translation of English. I have taken special delight in preparing my department for the AHS's Translation Conference held in Libya.

A Ph.D. from the XXXX Department of Linguistics will enable me to achieve my goals of being instrumental in the refinement of the course structure and syllabi of the English Department of XXXX University in Tarhouna, Libya.  In order to affect changes for the betterment of the further education of our students, I will need to do further research into semantics, and sociolinguistics, as well as morphology, particularly between Arabic and English morphemes, and syntax in terms of the relations between discourse and the emergence of syntax under the heading of discourse analysis; and I am confident that I would be quite successful at accomplishing these goals in your program. No other school in the nation can offer me such a comprehensive and current regimen of linguistic theories, nor the depth of analysis of language and languages components as does XXXX.

It is my aim to eventually become a professor at my university, researching different aspects of English, and how it is learned and taught. XXXX Department. of Linguistics has a reputation for being a leader in the research of the causal models of language the entire spectrum and it is my intention to inject my own unique hypotheses about how language should be studied and the process by which such research ought to be conducted. This is why I want to pursue my PhD at XXXX rather than any other institution in the US. I continue to split my time between the University and specialized English training centers and I am intent upon someday opening a language training center for future teachers of English, utilizing the newest teaching methods, the SL-teaching method, and conducting research for the purposes of publishing, and the improvement of English education in Libya.

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