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PHD Strategic Management, Medical Informatics

While preparing and working through my seminar paper this past spring, I found that I had an ardent commitment to the research I was conducting. My research into the barriers to entry into post-secondary education and the patterns of segregation in housing and employment went beyond being one more hurdle to completing a degree. I felt a responsibility, an obligation to the people I was writing about. The patterns were clear, their exigency was clear, and it was up to me to bring this to light. I come from a depressed inner-city area, my church, where I am on a voluntary board of directors, is in this area, and I see the issues on a daily basis. I was in awe of the possibilities that my research could be used to help others, to make changes and raise awareness on a larger scale.

In my volunteer work with XXXX Organization, a non-profit I helped create, I work with recently-released inmates who need guidance to make the transition to the real world. My years of supervisory work, and the leadership skills I have cultivated, academically as well as professionally, are being used to guide these men to a meaningful life. This is why I find my life incredibly satisfying. Yet, I have discovered there is much more that I can do. Earning the PhD in your program will enable me to attain my professional goals of someday teaching at a quality school of business. I want to combine this with my personal goal of aiding non profits on a volunteer basis, to help them operate more efficiently, developing their own strategies for the development of sustainable operations.

I have the need to excel in my vision, and I am very highly motivated. While I am no stranger to the demands, emotionally and psychologically, even physically, of a challenging academic course of study, my performance these past five years with the University of XXXX provide me with a proven track record of my capabilities, academically and professionally. In my research this past spring, I have developed a profound concern with the way that medical informatics sometimes represents a wall for patients that marginalizes them from their own treatment, especially with patients from our inner cities. I want very much to combine doctoral study in the fields of medical informatics and business, and fully harness my intensive background in computer science in order to enhance my research as well.

I want very much to continue to study towards the doctoral degree at the University of XXXX because it has become my home and it is a unique environment for learning. I am highly pleased to have already had the unique opportunity to be both a student and employee of the university. It is my hope to continue this relationship until I achieve the terminal degree in my field.

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