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For years, I served clients in a number of senior professional customer service roles, managing and coordinating other customer service personnel. Bringing this experience to XXX as a Family Support Coordinator, I had no idea that an untapped part of me would suddenly compel me towards what I can only describe as being my true calling, a passion for helping others in their time of need. While XXX focuses on aiding Hispanics in the acculturation process, I found I was hearing my story, experiences I had had, coming to America from Puerto Rico, and being raised in New York.

Indeed, the issues remain as profound today as when I first came to America: socioeconomic differences, childcare inadequacies, racism, discrimination and language issues. More than this, having lived and now serving the underserved populations, my compassion for others has only grown with my professional experiences. I have been left resolute and doubtless that my future role is in helping others help themselves, giving back to my community, sharing the benefits of a quality Argosy education and a lifetime of experiences.

So many need help overcoming the issues that bar them from becoming health, productive and positive contributors to society. To their tomorrow, I will give all I am to the only field that guarantees bringing about social change, one person, one family, one community at a time. Obtaining a quality graduate education in Mental Health Counseling will allow me to bring my plans, goals my dreams of opening a private practice and or serving a school system as a guidance counselor to fruition. Overall, my aim is to aid the community in an ethical and effective manner as a skilled professional, demonstrating a solid grasp of social and cultural diversity, and, of course, adhering to the principles outlined by the XXX. Nothing would bring me more personal or professional satisfaction than to provide emotional support and guidance to those who need it most, bringing my knowledge of the mind, and resources available, being the facilitator of the amelioration of lives through patient and heartfelt compassionate care.

I bring with me to XXX's student body an excellent foundation in XXX, but more than this, a combination of professional exposure coupled with community service in the form of volunteerism. As an active member in my church, I work with children aged XXX years, and conduct home visits to those in need. I have been left convinced that I am exactly on the right route. My Hispanic background, and having lived in Puerto Rico and New York, and travels to four of the world's continents, has given me the ability to speak two languages fluently, helping me reach out to Hispanic clients in their arterial language, allowing them to express themselves completely and comfortably.

Moreover, as a burgeoning mental healthcare professional, I feel that my position in the community will bring with it a certain level of social responsibility, as a role model for other Hispanic women wanting to develop themselves further. To this end, I am intent upon continuing my active volunteerism, aiding the community as I serve their mental health needs.

In order to be more effective in the application of therapy, there is a need for not just experiences and a gift for reaching out to others, but also a thorough grasp of theory. Turning to XXX is a natural and logical decision. XXX, my sole choice for further education, has impressed me with its breadth of curriculum, one that covers all the subject areas I am most passionate about, and wanting to give my time and energy towards understanding in greater depth.

I look forward to my time with XXX, interacting with the accomplished student body and quality faculty. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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