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MS Pre-Medicine Program, Asian Indian

I am an Asian-Indian woman 21 years old who lives in Texas and very much wants to study towards being a doctor in your program at the XXXX University. I have already enjoyed extensive professional exposure to the healthcare setting, diseases, symptoms, and, most importantly, patient care and well being. I feel that I have gained a great deal of highly valuable experience from my studies in the area of nursing and my employment experience that makes me a strong candidate for your Pre-Medical Program. I want to work towards becoming a doctor in your program because this is my life long dream and represents the greatest goal of service to others to which I can aspire. I look forward to a very rigorous eight months of really hard study and an opportunity to prove myself as a valuable and hard working student in the 8 months of introductory study leading up to entry into the Basic Sciences Program, and then Medical School. I am especially pleased to report that I have taken courses in Human Anatomy as part of my training in nursing and I am looking forward, in particular, to classes in Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Cell Biology, and Medical Terminology.

Over the last couple of years, I have had the privilege of working as a nurse's aid for various periods of time at the XXXX Hospital in Houston in Medical/Surgical, ER, Dialysis, PACU, L&D, and the Newborn Unit; at XXXX Medical Center in Humble, TX in Medical/Surgical, OR, Endoscopy, and Pediatrics; XXXX Hospital in Cleveland, TX in Medical/Surgical; XXXX Clinic in Humble; The XXXX Clinic in Kingwood, TX; the Houston XXXX Clinic, and the XXXX Hospital in Woodlands in Medical/Surgical and X-Ray. Since graduating from high school, I have been studying at XXXX Colleges. I am graduating this month, August, 2007, as from XXXX's Licensed Vocational Nursing Program. The Medical University of XXXX in Nevis is my first choice for continuing my studies because it strikes me as the perfect place to find the right tools to help me live my life happily and fulfill my dreams of working in health care education. I am especially fascinated with the area of health care education and preventative medicine.

I heartily support the idea of learning is a lifelong process, and I want to continue always to learn new and helpful tools in the areas of preventative medicine and health care. Becoming a medical doctor has always been my dream and I began with small steps to help prepare myself, starting as a nurse's aide, then a medication aide, and now a vocational, registered, nurse as a result of online courses. My central goal in life is to complete medical school.

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