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MA Political Science UK, Environmentalism

Throughout the world politics has transformed, influenced and reshaped societies empowering movements for change be they civil rights in the U.S.A., environmentalism in Europe or demands for democracy in totalitarian regimes such as Burma, China and Indonesia. Yet it is not a one way process and a society also influences the mass culture of politics and what the media produces. Some, for example, argue the health of a modern democracy depends on the willingness of society to challenge the accepted orthodoxy of any established order. Nevertheless few doubt politicians ability to agenda-set and shape public attitudes for good or ill. Sociology is vital as it helps to influence politics with the latest trends in crime, poverty, education and culture determining government policy. I am particularly interested in International relations and the effect this has on society. For all these reasons I am passionate to continue my study of Politics to degree level as I would like to be a part of the debate which will shape the twenty-first century.

I have been interested in the Politics long enough to realise that experience is vital and, as a writer for the Winstanley College magazine, I have regularly contributed by writing, editorial decision-making and meeting deadlines. Working for the college's own student television station has given me the most invaluable experience of live broadcasting and allowed me to chair political debate in front of others. I also co-edited the Politics magazine.

Academically I have studied largely essay-based courses. I enjoy writing and all my courses have improved my communication skills both orally and in written work. My Media Studies course has given me a better understanding of the commercial world of mass communications. Politics has deepened my knowledge of the essentially symbiotic relationship between the public and politicians both in the U.K. and in the U.S.A. I am particularly interested in the rise (and fall?) of 'spin doctors'. Again English has helped me to appreciate the roles of accent and dialect in modern culture. All my subjects have encouraged my interest in current affairs, helping me to form opinions of my own. By regularly attending the college debating ociety, where issues as diverse as gay adoption and Tony Blair's legacy are discussed, I have increased my general knowledge as well as my patience to listen to others.

Whatever I do in life, I do with passion. My upbringing and background has given me a committed work ethic. I follow rugby league, football and cricket throughout the year. Rugby League has always been a big part of my life and my gap year has enabled me to become actively involved in helping at grassroots level of the sport via coaching and charity events; all this has enabled me to meet a variety of diverse people from all walks of life. This has allowed me to further my social interactivity, which I feel is a key aspect of the media. My interest in current affairs is a major aspect of my life and I am constantly learning through the means of television, radio and newspapers.

I have good time management skills balancing the demands of college academic work with my extra-curricular interests and this will stand me in good stead for undergraduate life. I am conscientious, highly motivated and determined to succeed; I am looking for to university and would hope to contribute much to departmental life.

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