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MSC Orthodontics Residency in the UK, Saudi

Never for a moment have I regretted my career choice, Dentistry, despite the rigorous challenges involved. Throughout my internship, in particular, each day it was a great joy to arrive at the clinic. Alleviating pain and helping patients improve their appearance and dietary choices has provided me with an enormous sense of fulfilment. All of this is particularly true with respect to Orthodontics. I hope to be accepted to your competitive program in Orthodontics in the UK on the basis of my academic work and experience so far as well as my great passion for Orthodontics. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a Saudi Arabia woman who is well read and engaged with the events of my time, especially everything having to do with dentistry in the KSA, most of all orthodontics.

Now working alongside orthodontists in a busy practice in my country, Saudi Arabia, I relish every day the treasured opportunity to work alongside extremely dedicated orthodontists and I seek to emulate them at every turn. I feel called to Orthodontics because I feel strongly that I am that type of special person, cut out for Orthodontics, with enormous empathy, a capacity for meticulous planning, originality and creativity, and a highly developed aesthetic sense. I receive frequent compliments on my communication skills, art of persuasion, and especially my ability to put people at ease, most particularly children. I have long studied children closely and read widely all the time on themes having to do with young people and Orthodontics.  

I am convinced that I possess the necessary characteristics and potential to become an excellent practitioner. Research is central to my long-term aspirations and I hope to publish at some point myself in the area of Orthodontics practice in the KSA.

Earning my MSc in the UK will enable me to make my maximum contribution to my profession, Orthodontics is the field in which I plan to excel for the balance of my professional life. As a resident in your program, I will receive the optimal advanced education and be exposed to a broad variety of diverse clinical cases and the cutting-edge of Orthodontic techniques.  I look forward to making important contributions to Orthodontics in Saudi Arabia, networking and collaborating for the advancement of our profession, at once making Orthodontic care more accessible and affordable. I seek a permanent engagement with research and education in this area.

I want to provide my patients with the very highest standard of Orthodontic care. My experience so far with everything from routine checkups, root canals, extractions, and restorations, provides me with a solid experiential footing to hit the ground running in your program. I am accustomed to working with very diverse patient populations, languages, and cultures and have become a skilled communicator in my field.

Perhaps what I love most about Orthodontics are the visual aspects, the intense pleasure of the aesthetic transformation before one’s eyes, the process, and the achievement of the end result, the smile.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished MSc Program in Orthodontics.

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