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I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to dedicate my life to the field of Nursing. I have always been good in the sciences, and have been continually fascinated by the human body, its inner workings, and have spent hours in private study, going into further depth than any of my biology classmates. Nursing has been a natural choice for me, a path that began when I started volunteering for Hospice. And now, my path has led me to the exciting prospect of joining the XXX Nursing Program.

In order to provide the best care possible for my future patients, and prepare for the XXX Nursing program, I have volunteered for Hospice and have a clinical care extender internship assignment at XXX Hospital through XXX solutions. Having served in a hospice and hospital setting, I have direct patient care experience, making both patients and their families as comfortable and informed as possible. Furthermore, I have an excellent foundation from which to develop the critical skill set to be successful as a nurse. Observing and absorbing as much as I could, and quizzing staff mercilessly, I noted how nurses prioritize while easily gaining the trust of their charges, building a rapport quickly while simultaneously and efficiently meeting the needs of the multidisciplinary teams around them. In the most practical terms, I am able to triage a patient, take blood pressure and vitals, clean, bath, and change diapers of patients as well as breaking down charts in the nursing station. I have found that I can learn on the job and perform duties on the fly, and am highly organized, particularly when it comes to papers in the nursing station. Coupled with this is my compassion and desire to make patients as comfortable as possible. Nothing would bring me more satisfaction than to use my skills, education and passion for teamwork to save a life or aid in preserving the quality of patients lives.

In addition to my practical experiences, I have developed the ability to communicate effectively with people from differing cultures and backgrounds, a skill I utilized while volunteering at last year's XXX. As a Filipino American, I have a worldview and experience that is different from my classmates. Moreover, my travels in the Philippines and Mexico have exposed me to what poverty crushing poverty truly is, places where doctors, dentists and medications are rarities. These realities go beyond cultural shock, but address what it means, in the most profound sense, to be alive right now, give back and pursue education.

The ideal, upon building my exposure, would be to perform regular mission work in the US and in developing nations, such as Mexico, continuing the spirit of outreach I was exposed to in the XXX. In time, I anticipate completing my XXX in Nursing, serving as either a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner. Moreover, an experience I had recently laid groundwork for one of my greater ambitions. During a high school outreach program with the XXX organization Pilipino-Americans in Social Studies, I presented programs on different strategies for getting into college. The success of this outreach has inspired me to help in the organization of nursing schools and their applicants. By working with faculty and staff, I believe I could make an impact on the ever-present US nurse shortage.

XXX has been my sole choice for academic development, and have been impressed repeatedly by the quality of the professors, and the diversity of the student body. Through a continued academic relationship with XXX, I will be fully prepared to sit my XXX's and able to further dedicate myself to the field of nursing. To my patient's tomorrow, and mine, I will give all I have to the only field that has ever stirred the greatest passions within me. This is how I will serve the future of nursing as no other field has given me more satisfaction or fulfillment.

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