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MS, Nursing Informatics Certification

My professional dreams center on the use of computer to enhance health care. I feel strongly that I am now ready to pursue graduate study and work towards the M.S. in Nursing Informatics. I am motivated to continue to achieve in this area because of the profound sense of spiritual fulfillment that I receive as a result of laboring to make health care services better for us all, especially in the area of nursing.

For a very modern man completely immersed on the cutting-edge of informatics technology, the XXXX College of Nursing's Master's program in Nursing Informatics is ideal for my long-term career interests, with its state-of-the-art facilities and well deserved reputation for creative excellence in this field. I look forward to developing advanced skills in physical assessment and diagnostic reasoning, clinical decision-making, and assessment and analysis of clinical nursing information systems; it is my sincere and humble hope to someday provide valuable leadership for management in the area of informatics. I especially look forward to practicing in a broad array of challenging settings such as home care, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

It is my intention to complete a Master's degree in an approved Nurse Informatics Program and from my research into programs, XXXX seems to have distinguished itself well in this area. I look forward to sitting for the ANCC Nursing Informatics Certification Examination. I also firmly believe that a Master's degree from XXXX would be an excellent springboard from which to go on and pursue a doctoral degree in this area. I want very much to attend a distinguished program such as XXXX where students are trained for leadership positions in a variety of areas related to nursing as the core, including nursing management and administration, with an extremely rigorous core course of studies in nursing theory, research, statistics, population-focused care, and issues and trends in health care delivery.

While emotionally healthy and stable, I have always been something of a reserved person with a rather interior life. Some see this as very Chinese, and I am from Hong Kong. I see this more, however, as a question of having a cyber life, being someone who finds their work especially fulfilling and uses computer science to express himself and to make his contribution to society through the enhancement of health care as it comes about as a direct result of computer and computer related technology. My shy character has also contributed to my attraction to nursing, providing me with an opportunity to touch others through the caring process. I have been drawn to nursing for many years and am most pleased to have earned by BSN. I also have 1 year of experience of home care nursing and 10 year experience as a programmer. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to create software to improve our health care systems, making them more efficient so as to improve health care performance overall. I assure you that I would give my all to your program, struggling along with your guidance towards the increasing expansion of integrated health care systems with a special eye to the growth of the elderly population and how their life-styles can be made more satisfying through advances in technology. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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