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AS Degree Nursing Russian Immigrant

My short-term goal is to become a Registered Nurse. I am from Estonia where I was born and raised to Russian parents. Now, I live in Los Angeles and I feel very confident that this is the right time for me to return to higher education to prepare myself for professional advancement and additional challenges in my nursing career. I want very much to become a registered nurse who is deeply involved in both direct and indirect client care and client education. My greatest love is helping people who are most in need and I see nursing as the most natural and effective way to serve my community. Through a lot of hard work, I have become a highly effective communicator in English even though it is my second language. My critical thinking and organizational skills are something that I look forward to continuing to develop in your program, working collaboratively with other nursing students. Most of all, I like to think that I will be preparing myself to become a professional patient advocate in the fullest sense of the word. XXXX University is my first choice because it is the location that is most convenient for me and my husband. I am convinced that the training that I look forward to receiving at XXXX will be the optimal training for me in order to successfully take the professional licensing examination to become an RN.

I completed my B.S. in Chemical Engineering in St. Petersburg, Russia. But I soon came to the realization that working as a chemist was not the career for me; that I wanted to directly help people and not be a lab rat. After working as a registered nurse for a period of time, I hope to go back to school and continue on towards the BSN; at a later time, and perhaps the MSN as well. I am conscious of my need to make a contribution to my community and I truly feel that working as a registered nurse will be the best way for me to give something back to society. My extensive medical/surgical experience as a burn technician helped me to pass the LVN exam and become a vocational nurse. I have now been living in the United States for 7 years and I feel strongly that it is time for me to advance.

I have worked in numerous positions in a busy hospital continuing to learn through the perfection of professional and practical activities and skills in nursing and general health care. I have a proven record of reliability and responsibility. Always remaining calm; I am most cheerful and professional. With strong analytical skills, I am capable of assessing conditions and implementing appropriate interventions.

I have worked as a licensed vocational nurse and a burn technician for the last 5 years which hasprovided me with highly valuable professional experience. I am confident that this will serve me well in your program. I went to school while working full time and completing most if not all prerequisites for an RN program, with a GPA of 3.5. And I was nominated for the 2004 XXXX Institute Caring Competent Caregiver Award in the category of Certified Nursing Assistant.

I very much love my work, making home visits to observe for any health changes or fluctuations in my clients and providing them with support as needed, administering medication and keeping accurate records. I also have the privilege of counseling patients regarding their treatment plans, side effects of treatment, preventative measures, and making referrals where appropriate. I treasure the experience of being a nurse, every day it always brings me joy and serves as confirmation of the fact that nursing is my calling. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application to your program so that I can become a registered nurse in the near future, making progress towards my dream.

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