JD, Juris Doctor Law, International Technology

Coming to America at the tender age of one with my parents, escaping the despotic rule of General Chun Doo-hwan with $900 and a pocketful of hope, we entered the nation of immigrants where we had no friends or family, did not speak the language, and began lacked a college education. I resolved that not today and not tomorrow would my parents; sacrifices for me have been in vain. I adopted their standards of how to conduct oneself. For half a decade, I experienced the rewards of being a US Army Paralegal Specialist with the Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG). The multicultural experiences that I gained from serving in the US, Iraq, and South Korea were truly invaluable, helping me to see the law from many cultural perspectives and making vast contributions to the lives of so many. I know that if I were to continue as a paralegal, be it in the public or private sphere, I would quickly exhaust every possible avenue of promotion if I did not continue my education. I have successfully met every challenge that I have faced over the years with an open mind, creativity, flexibility, and determination, constantly struggling to enhance my  professionalism and effectiveness. Perhaps most importantly, my military training has provided me with the courage, strength and dedication to succeed. It has left me believing that I can accomplish anything as long as I put my mind to it.

And this is where an academic relationship with XXXX Law begins. For my graduate study, I am especially interested in delving into the areas of International and High Technology Law. With my extensive legal and technological background and international experience, this is a natural progression for me. My drive and my passion will enable me to achieve my goals; and the JD Degree will open doors for me so that I can honor my ethnic heritage at the same time that I help to bring higher levels of peace and cooperation to an increasingly conflictive world.

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