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JD Immigration Law, Post-USSR

Having been born and raised in the Mongolia of the 1980s and 90s, the decades in which my country gained independence from the Soviet Union and gradually began to rebuild a post-USSR identity; I am a child of the Democratic Revolution, I aml am a child of hope, hope for tomorrow, for progressive, humanitarian social change. As my homeland reinvented itself through massive development, so I have gone forward to follow my life's path: a career in Law. Transitions are seldom easy, and while my homeland struggled with food shortages, empty shops and massive inflation, my family and I moved to Poland in search of a better life. The constant change and reinvention required of us as a family while I was growing up, helped to make me someone who is highly adaptable, and in the most practical terms; I have long cultivated a solid grasp on what it means to be multiculturally competent, learning, for example, how to speak as well as read 5 languages.

Poland held promise for my future in Law, but my dreams were shattered when I was unable to satisfy the requirements for citizenship there or anywhere in the EU. I did not see returning to Mongolia as an option, as I wanted to move forward not backwards. So I immigrated to America to join so many others who pull themselves up by their own bootstraps in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I arrived in New York City on Memorial Day; a day that I will never forget--born of necessity and a desire to succeed at all costs. Since my arrival in America, I have been constantly impressed by the joy and happiness of a free people, it is palpable. I look forward with great eagerness to serving this unique population, giving my time and energy for the advancement of a society that I find incredibly beautiful because of its diversity.

The more fully I became immersed in American culture, leaving my comfort zone, the more quickly I matured, intellectually, emotionally; I have fewer fears, less anxiety, and I rapidly adjusted to the competitive nature of my new society--taking more risks than I would have anywhere else in the world--developing my inner focus, paving my way to excel in academia. I relish the development of my individuality here in America, a place where men and women have equal opportunities, at least in terms of the law, our foundation for advancement. Attending XXXX's School of Professional Studies Immigration Law Advanced Certificate Program is a logical option for me and complimentary to both my personal experience and my undergraduate studies in  international relations,

My principal motivation has been a result of my relationships with other Mongolians living in the USA. I am deeply troubled by the way in which my fellow Mongolians have little or no sense of community, few avenues of fellowship o even communication; most have a precarious legal status at best with little knowledge of immigration issues. Soon, I came to see my calling in front of me, the need to educate fellow immigrants, and empower entire communities. I am very highly motivated to excel in your program because, as a graduate of your distinguished program at XXXX Law School, I will be a able to become part of the solution to many social issues facing the legally underserved, those with the greatest need for legal services who are also the least able to afford it.

I am most impressed with the breadth and autonomy of your creative curriculum, coupled with the amazing faculty and seemingly endless access to resources. No other school could offer me a more appropriate setting for my full academic development, nor prepare me better for serving the needs of the immigrant, especially Mongolian, community, This is why I want to devote my life to the study and implementation of immigration law in America, contributing to making it as successful as possible for everyone involved. 

Becoming an attorney holds great personal import for me as well, a need to serve the legal needs of my family. The tragic death of my brother, father, and uncle in a car accident in Mongolia immersed me in many international property issues at a time when I needed to heal. I had to be strong for my family, a task I gladly took on, aiding in their recovery as I tried to bring about the best outcome for everyone. Additionally, my significant other is an entrepreneur, owns a small business and looked to me for help when there was conflict with the proprietor and franchisor. Unfortunately, our legal issues persist,and the ongoing financial burden of legal bills is taking its toll. Completing my education, and passing the Bar examinations will empower not only me, but my family as well.

I feel that my example, volunteering for others, serving the community, is exactly what public interest law encompasses spiritually. To serve the needs of others, those that are so desperately in need of assistance, ignorant of their options and essentially helpless with respect to their legal condition, this is what it means for me to represent the interests of the public. Already, in every way I can, with respect to educational and legal resources, I have been relentless in my pursuit of aiding others. No other field ever has nor ever could bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction.

While pursuing my degree in International Relations, I completed an in-depth study of the needs of small and mid-sized business that were struggling to survive in Poland. I quickly came to appreciate that many of their problems had their basis in the Polish legal system. I have always had great zeal for my studies, attending seminars at western institutions, visiting  many headquarters in Brussels of international organizations; I was even fortunate enough to attend and get to listen to several European leaders at the 2005 European Economic Summit, which earned me a consultancy job shortly after graduating.

Continuing my active community engagement here in New York, within the confines of volunteering due to my legal status, I volunteered at Citizenship Now! events sponsored where I aided permanent residents with their naturalization applications. This experience left me longing to do more for immigrants and their families, putting a face on the realities of acculturation. After completing my advanced immigration certificate program, I became a volunteer paralegal in an immigration law firm, and this has been a most excellent primer for the work that I want to do for the rest of my life: preparing applications for naturalization, permanent residency and drafting motions is building my legal acumen, and practicing my legal vocabulary exactly the right exposure I need to bring my dreams to fruition and serve my future clients in the best possible manner.

I look forward to bringing my multinational worldview and experience with diverse immigrant populations to XXXX Law. Given my foreign student status, your JD curriculum's emphasis on legal clinics is ideal. I am eager to put my dreams into action, for my family, and my community. To their tomorrow and my own, I will give all that I am. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application to your distinguished program.

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