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Masters HRM Human Resource Management

Having reached a point in my professional career where I feel I have exhausted every possible avenue or promotion and challenge at my current academic level, I am eager to immerse myself in a challenging graduate Human Resource Management program with a specialization in XXX program, with XXX.

Indeed, the School of Continuing Studies unsurpassed program will increase my understanding and grasp of complex human resource strategies, and how to bring increased value through performance to an organization through the ideal retinue of qualified people. I am intent upon researching innovate ideas put forth but great XXX thinkers as XXX who has made a powerful statement in favor of the primacy of value over counting and measurement. Moreover, completing the Human Resource Management program will fully equip me for bringing my plans for the future my dreams to fruition. As per my ten-year career plan, I aim to move into a far more comprehensive and challenging upper management position than my current Senior Contributor role, such as XXX with a Fortune XXX firm in the D.C. area. This program of study will also lead sensibly and completely prepare me for applying for Top Secret Clearance as well as XXX certification.

Having been heavily involved in giving of my time and energy to others through volunteerism, particularly with the XXX in D.C, I feel that upon graduating, I will have a position in the community that commands a certain level of social responsibility. I take this quite seriously, particularly being a role model and helping to bridge the diversity gap in the business world through my contributions as a Peruvian and son of immigrants. No leader is truly born, my humble beginnings are strong testimony to this, and I take particular pride in being the first and only person in my family to have excelled in academics and professional arenas.

In the business world, I put into practice my undergraduate foundation in Business Management, bringing exposure to my grasp of theoretical models, and applying them to a variety of management experiences in highly diverse tertiary industrial areas. Progressing logically into positions with increasing responsibility and opportunity for transforming organizations, I have surpassed all expectations, meeting goals in both team situations as well as proven ability to work on detail-oriented tasks autonomously. More specifically, one example of my ability is evident in my restoring the XXX's declining Human Resources Department by recruiting and retaining over 1200 productive new employees. 
The success I have enjoyed as a self-starter in human resources management nearly a decade of conceptual continuity is a reflection of my diverse background. My traditionally Peruvian heritage and growing up in inner-city New York, living with the barest necessities, I have come to appreciate how truly diverse this nation is and to be comfortable in my own skin. This has also developed my ability to communicate effectively with people of differing backgrounds, creeds and cultures, not to mention my ability to speak two languages fluently.

XXX Continuing Studies is my sole choice for scholastic development. In the most practical terms, the smaller classrooms are the ideal learning environment, giving me the exposure to professional student body and faculty. Additionally, going to school in D.C. is optimal, as this is where I intend on working post-graduation. XXX's placement gives it an incredible edge, with access to near limitless resources, and proving grounds for the XXX aspect of the curriculum.

No other school can offer me the same autonomy and breadth of curriculum combined with a critical eye trained on global context of business issues, not to mention globally recognized faculty. What is more, my approach to my graduate studies is unique in that it has been molded by practical exposure. My aims are not to raise preconceived ideas of what XXX is all about, but rather to be able to identify the right data to guide decision-making and policy development while optimizing and nurturing existing and future talent. Only XXX and its unswerving commitment to innovate thinking and education can bring this ideal to reality. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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